Bamboo Island the paradise in Cambodia

Bamboo Island the paradise in Cambodia

Sometimes chance takes you where you least expect it and you like the surprise so much that you can’t go back.

This happened to me in Cambodia, the country mostly famous for Angkor Wat, the ruins that inspired the Lara Croft game, and its dramatic history of which the results can still be seen in the streets today, men without limbs in every single corner of the cities.
It’s hard not to notice this when you arrive in beautiful Phnom Phen.
On the west coast of the capital is Sinhouk Ville, a renowned seaside area of ​​the country and a top destination for backpackers, it sounds touristy and in fact it is. Numerous hotels, hostels, restaurants and shops, beach parties on the beach and at the hostel bar.
Note. I am always amazed at the ability I have acquired to fall asleep. I used to suffer from insomnia, now I could sleep peacefully while having a rave party at home.

In fact, after almost a month in Burma, warm and covered from neck to toe, tourist area or not, I needed to go back to the sea and immerse myself in the water.
Accommodation in Serendipity beach, the tourist area of ​​the country a few meters from the sea.

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Bamboo Island

Although the town itself does not have any particular attraction except that it is very tourist-friendly and at first glance the main beach is very crowded, things improve a lot when you move through the center full of people and walk past bars and restaurants, leaving the thronging crowds behind and gaining a glorious beach location all to yourself.

Although room prices in Cambodia are among the lowest in South East Asia, in this case a private room far exceeded my budget and so after a long time I returned to sleep in a dormitory.
The case led me to stay in a dormitory with two other boys, a Jean and Mikay. Both were traveling alone. we became a trio.
As close as the legendary trio of ducks Qui, Quo and Qua, the next day with backpacks on our shoulders we head towards Bamboo Island for three days without electricity, parties, television or computers but where nothing is missing, a bed, a bar, a restaurant , the sea and the sun.
An hour by boat from Serendipity beach we landed on what would become a happy island for me.
I am welcomed by the golden beach, which at midday the sun makes shine even more, and by a coastline of about 600 metres. There are just 2 meters between the bugalow and the sea.
I fell in love at first sight. The right thing at the right time.
Just what I needed, no internet connection or better yet ask the guys who work there for a nib Koh Ru if it’s really urgent, there is nothing to do except lounge in a hammock, work in peace and without being disturbed, there are no tuk tuks, cars or mopeds.
It’s not often you get to swim in the clear green waters being the only person in the sea let alone have this private piece of paradise for a few days. An entire island for 30 people. A dream.
I never say “if”, but in this case “if” I could go back in time I would extend my stay on the island and instead of 3 I would have stayed 5 days.

Cambodia islands

Where to sleep on Bamboo Island

Considering that you are on a semi-desert island. In this case the choices for sleeping are not many, in fact there is only one place where you can sleep Koh Ru which offers bungalows ($15 per day to share up to 4 people) or dormitory for $3.
I didn’t get to book the dorm in time so I shared the bungalow with one of my flatmates and I couldn’t be happier.
Double bed with mosquito neta hammock and a puff on the terrace where I can watch a different sunset every afternoon, the sea 2 meters from me.
Obviously there are no shops or restaurants except the one on Koh Ru which, although a little more expensive than the mainland, offers excellent dishes at affordable prices (the most expensive is $4).

Cambodia sunset

How to go to Bamboo Island

Bamboo island is just an hour’s boat ride from the center of SihnoukhVille, IL Round-trip ticket costs $10 and you can do it at the Ocean Walk Inn guest house on the main road where you can buy the boat ticket and book the bungalow or dormitory bed.
At this guesthouse you can also reserve a bed or a bugalow on Koh Ro. There are no other hotel facilities here so in high season it is best to book 2 days in advance.
Tour or sleep on the island? I highly recommend staying overnight and not taking a one-day tour instead. It’s true that there are no amenities or bars or restaurants on the island, but that’s the beauty of it!

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