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The lush bright green of the rice terraces in Bali in the soft light of the rising sun, when you took a wonderful morning walk there last year, just can’t get out of your head. Just like the incredible turquoise of the Bora Bora Lagoon in the South Pacific when you swam with the sharks and a real dream came true for you. But also, marveling at the intense orange of the Sossusvlei Desert in Namibia during sunset from the Big Daddy Dune, and soaking up this almost magical atmosphere deeply, has been on your bucket list for so long. As soon as you think back to one of these moments, a good feeling spreads in your stomach and a happy smile lets your face shine.

Exactly such pictorial memories of the most beautiful moments of your past trips are made to visually beautify and enrich your home and your everyday life and to give you goosebumps of happiness at every sight!

It doesn’t matter whether you would like to have your photos printed on canvas in the classic way, whether you want them to elicit a smile in the form of small magnets every time you open the fridge, or whether you would like to have your favorite book in your hand printed in one with your favorite photo printed on it , wonderfully soft blanket – at MEINFOTO there is a wide range to choose from murals, accessories and textiles for personalized photo printing are huge. You benefit from particularly fast delivery and always low prices, because all products have a best price guarantee for Germany and Europe.

The ordering process via the homepage of MY PHOTO is really easy. The most difficult thing for me was actually deciding which of what felt like a million photos I would like to have printed on which products. The selection of great ideas for classic as well as special and unusual photo and lifestyle products is really diverse. After much deliberation, I finally decided on a print on a large premium real wood panel, a colorful set of differently shaped fridge magnets, a pretty doormat and three different sized retro canvases.

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After this admittedly very challenging task, there is only one small step that you have to take: load your photos into the system in the highest possible resolution and check the image section. If the website’s check mode then gives you the green light for your design, you put your very personal work of art in the shopping cart, click on the payment button and voilà – just a few days later the items will reach you!

I am really very happy with my products. With every single print you notice that MEINFOTO really values ​​consistent quality. Only the most modern printing technology is used here, always in connection with the best inks that the current market has to offer. For example, only HP UV-resistant ink is used. Not only to guarantee that your prints shine with the most intense colors, but also to ensure that they do not fade from the sunlight they are exposed to every day.

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I love that when I print on the premium real wood board, the natural grain of the wood is subtly visible. And the smart magnet construction, which fixes the retro screens between the strips, which are also made of real wood, in a matter of seconds, arouses my enthusiasm!

Of course, it is also worth mentioning that MEINFOTO attaches great importance to the topic of sustainability. In fact, the MEINFOTO team plants three new trees for each one that had to be removed for production. 97 percent of the wood for the canvas comes from Europe and is FSC-certified. A large part of the packaging material consists of recycled waste paper and the decorative frames are made entirely of recycled plastic. In this way, over a million kilograms of plastic from the oceans and nature have already been collected and sensibly recycled.

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Well, was I able to give you a better understanding of the great products from MEINFOTO with this article? Are you now toying with the idea of ​​bringing your most beautiful and unforgettable travel memories into your everyday life? If that’s not an option for you: A voucher is also a wonderful gift for friends and family members who are enthusiastic about travel!

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