Why travel can change your life

Why travel can change your life

Why can traveling change our lives? Reasons why travel can be essential in a period of transition

I have many friends scattered around the world with whom I always manage to stay in touch despite the distance.
By nature I am a sociable and chatty person, proactive and positive and in recent years, more than in the past, my choices have led some of my friends to rethink their lives and want to talk about it with me. With Skype everything is possible, time zone-free.

Many are no longer happy with what they have, little satisfaction at work, a life that does not reflect their ideal, and which they would like to change. Unfortunately they feel imprisoned and blocked from taking the definitive step and fear takes over so they leave the idea until a later date.

It’s difficult to be able to give advice when your life isn’t yours, I know. In fact, I can only talk about my experience, what I did and how I experienced it, which is not necessarily the right solution, much less the one universally valid for everyone.
The only belief I have, however, is that there is a place for everyone in the world, as long as you are ready to: find it even if you are far from home and you are willing to do everything.

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Changing your life is not simple or easy. I can’t get tired of repeating this. You can experience ups and downs, failures and recoveries, fantastic jobs and others that aren’t so spectacular. In fact, whatever you do is experience, for better or for worse, and you need to make the most of it.

Just the other day, speaking with a dear friend of mine, we came across this topic. Leave everything and try a new life or be satisfied with what you have and pretend that everything is fine? Travel for a while and then come back? Why can traveling be a decisive solution for a radical change in your life?

In this post I don’t want to talk about myself, if you’ve been following me for a while you know my story and I myself realize that I’m an exceptional case but this time I want to talk to those who want to change everything and want to give a few months to think, reflect and find a solution away from home.

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Why travel to find an answer?

Escape from reality or radical change?

Some people have told me that I travel to escape my daily duties, like an escape from reality living in a fictitious world and that I should instead focus on the real duties that a woman of my age should perform in this phase of life: home , work, maybe a family. I also wondered if in all of this I wasn’t running away from something. But the truth is that the only escape is from a life that no longer satisfies us. There is nothing wrong with going away and looking for alternative and optimal solutions. we are not forced to be the Joan of Arc of the situation. More than an escape, it is therefore a change.

Thinking away from home means thinking with a free mind

Escape from reality? Even if so, what’s wrong with that? What are the moments in which we actually feel free to make even crazy decisions but in which we strongly believe and decide to dedicate ourselves heart and soul to them?

When our mind is free. Free from office commitments, bills to pay and mortgages. Traveling allows us to profitably detach ourselves from the daily thoughts that generally torment us and review and rethink our life from another point of view and in a temporary condition of lucidity.

Experiencing the world means finding alternative opportunities

Italians have a basic problem that seems to me to be common to most of us: we are afraid of leaving what we have because we are terrified of not finding a valid alternative. On the other hand, if we are told not to be “choosy”, you know who and what I am referring to, it seems as if our destiny must be resigned to a future made up of few satisfactions, settling for what the convent goes through when reality is not this. In the post why Italians don’t travel I talk about a cultural limit that I can also extend to the workplace. We believe that the whole world is like Italy, that opportunities do not exist and where even those who want to reinvent themselves cannot and their proactiveness is blocked in its tracks.

By traveling you can discover alternative ways of living and working and perhaps find the one that suits you best. It may happen that you find these opportunities on the other side of the world as well as just across the border, but only by traveling can you really understand what you can and cannot do. When I do research on the internet I find it difficult…and there is a risk of disappointment or failure.

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Traveling means taking the time to change things

It’s hard to come back from vacation, right? The day before returning to the office a veil of sadness covers us because we would have liked to continue what was a different life for a few weeks. Traveling for a few months regenerates even more and the return is less depressing than you might imagine. After a long journey it’s nice to come home and get back on track. Traveling means disconnecting from your routine life but it doesn’t mean not thinking, freeing your mind from your commitments means having more space to dedicate to future ideas and projects, seeing alternative possibilities that weren’t seen before, rethinking your life and giving yourself a role different. Only we can change things, but it’s difficult to do so when you work 8 hours a day, spend 2 hours in the car in traffic between going to and from the office and thinking about what to cook. Time, especially free time, helps to understand and, if you want, also to change things.

Traveling can therefore be a different way to change the fate of your life and perhaps find your own path, get new ideas and discover yourself different from what you thought you were. If none of these things happen and when you return from the adventure the desk you have to sit at is always the same… no problem! Surely these distant months have already given you a positive boost with which you will be able to face everything in a different way and if the travel bug has taken over you… excellent, you have already changed but you don’t know this yet!

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