Working on the internet and traveling the world

Working on the internet and traveling the world. Live from your passions and not from your work

How do I support myself, what job do I do, how to do it, if you can learn to do SEO and above all how long does it take?

I decided to write a response post that can be valid and above all helpful to all those who want to understand what the internet and its potential now allow you to do, including working from anywhere in the world without having to lock yourself away in an office, traveling or simply relocating to the heat for a while.

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How it all began

Let me start by saying that travel is my passion while doing SEO is my job. This means that I don’t earn money working in the world of tourism doing SEO or even blogging but I simply work for clients (some of whom have very little to do with tourism) and I enjoy the trip without stress or obligations.
Until a few years ago I could imagine everything myself but not that I could get to the point of actually traveling the world. I didn’t think I would actually implement what I had always dreamed of.
In fact, it all started 4 years ago when I moved to Londonto learn English with a view to moving to Berlin after a few years.
In London I was lucky enough to work at a very large online gaming company which gave me confidence and taught me a profession.
During the years of working in London I studied, I learned, I made my mistakes and from these I learned and I tried very hard but I was learning quickly and the results were excellent. I had done it, in short I had done well.
At that point I realized that I wanted to try doing this same job for someone else and part time. I wanted to try and test new ideas and above all I wanted to make some extra money which never hurts in London.
Friends with websites they couldn’t get off the ground asked me if I could do something about it. I started taking the first jobs.
From there I was contacted by other people who are still the ones who support me in this endeavor and continue to trust me and (fortunately) are happy with the results.
Now I earn enough to support myself on the road. Once I return to Europe I will decide where to settle and what direction to take my professional life.
For now I’m happy like this, I took back my time and my spacesI do a job that never bores me and that gratifies me and all this thanks to this strange internet that I discovered in 1999 and which I was fascinated by from the beginning.


How to become SEO

How do you learn to ride a bike? It takes practice and then it can only get better.
the same thing if you want to be a doctor, a marketer or a bricklayer.
I’ll start by saying that SEO is the result of a lot of reading, curiosity, the desire to try and fail but without giving up, good relationship skills and patience, good writing skills.
You can find many online online guides for seo for beginners where all the steps to SEO your site are described, from design to link building and monitoring.
My advice is always to start reading online, frequent forums, ask yourself questions, look for answers, participate in discussions and understand at least the basics.
Then you need a website, a blog, something to test on, a sort of guinea pig.
With, which I recommend and love, you can create a blog in minutes. From there start building your site following the SEO guidelines.
And start working on it, try to get the results you want, set goals and achieve them.
If you have done a good job in not too long (unless you have a site on Rome apartments which is quite competitive) you will have your site in good positions on Google.


How to become a freelance SEO?

We have understood that we like this job and that we know how to do it, but moving on to the next step is perhaps even more difficult. Become self-employed and work as a freelancer.
I believe that to become a freelancer you need experience and have results to show, a portfolio. In SEO, a certain position cannot be guaranteed but a series of results are determined which are all monitorable.
So before thinking about becoming a freelancer I would think about gaining some experience, even if it’s part-time at night.
For example, you could start with a own blogsecondly work for someone, create a client portfolio and then sell yourself as a freelancer.
Or if you are quite confident in your work and are confident that you can make it work for someone you know who wants to improve the performance of their site.
At the beginning little money but great satisfaction.
The best thing I have achieved in this year of travel and work is that I have achieved my goals without giving up anything and living my days just as I have always wanted.

To become SEO or not?

I don’t know, in the end it’s still a job and you may or may not like it. I believe that the internet is not simply SEO but is an ideal tool that allows you to reinvent yourself in some way. My advice is to understand what you do well and above all what you like to do.
When it becomes clear to you what you want to do, then commit yourself to making the long-awaited “escape from the city” possible thanks to the internet.
There are many options, but they all require time and patience. You don’t improvise as a web specialist, much less are there ways to make money easilyif I’m there, unfortunately I don’t know them, but sometimes all you need is a little creativity and spirit of initiative, in the end the internet is free!
Good luck to all!

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