Illegal Things in Thailand

8 Illegal Things in Thailand: Guide

Thailand is a country that immediately amazes, with its traditions, the smiles of the people, the strong culture and the natural and cultural places to visit. Although most travelers go there without worries, there are some rules that I discovered during my time in this place that surprised me. I have included in this article 8 illegal things in Thailand that will surely leave you speechless!

There are certainly more illegal things in Thailand, but these are the most particular or strange ones that I have noticed. When visiting a place, it is always important to respect the local culture and stick to the rules.

Offending the king and his family

Saying something insulting to the king or his family could cost you dearly. Whatever you say or do, remember to show respect to the royal family, without offending or holding a grudge against them. You could be punished with up to 15 years in prison or a very large fine!

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Do not respect the Buddha

Respect the Buddha and therefore the Buddhist religion it is an unwritten rule that exists in Thailand. Avoid climbing or leaning on statues, remember to always dress appropriately in temples and take off your shoes at the entrance.

Owning or smoking e-cigarettes

This, among the illegal things in Thailand, really shocked me. In this country it is in fact illegal to smoke, but also to have electronic cigarettes with you. The penalties are very severe, you could find yourself paying thousands of euros in fines. So avoid taking these items with you when you go on a trip to Thailand.

Touch the monks

Another illegal thing in Thailand that concerns religion is respect for monks. These figures are revered and respected more than anyone, and I advise you to always keep a good distance. This rule is particularly aimed at women, but even if you are a man, it is not welcomed to touch a monk. Also remember to never put yourself in a higher position than him.

Kissing in public

As in other Asian countries, public outpourings are not welcomed. Respect oriental culture and avoid kissing your partner in public. Sometimes, even holding hands isn’t welcomed. You will certainly have the opportunity to show your affection in private in many other moments.

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Touching people’s heads

If in Italy we very often touch the heads of children, our friends, or those we know to show affection, you shouldn’t do it here. It is not among the illegal things in Thailand but among those that are considered rude. In fact, for them, the head is the most sacred part of the body and you should not touch it inappropriately.

Possessing and using drugs

Although cannabis recently became legal, among the illegal things in Thailand is the possession and use of drugs. Obviously these circulate a lot, but the sentences to be served are expensive: up to 10 years in prison or even life imprisonment. Be very careful especially in tourist areas, like a Koh Phangan during the full moon party. Here very often the police could stop you shortly after the purchase and blackmail you with a demand for a large sum to pay.

Point with your index finger or foot

If the head is the sacred part of the body, the feet are the dirtiest. This is why you should never point at someone with them, or even with your index finger. It is considered rude and should be absolutely avoided.

I have been an expat for 8 years, I live in Melbourne and my greatest passion is travel. In my previous life I was certainly born in Asia, a continent that I feel at home every time I return. Traveling for me isn’t just about escaping everyday life, it’s about living life 100% and being grateful for where I am. I tell about my adventures and my life on the other side of the world on Instagram.

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