Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park – How to get there and how much it costs

Sukhothai Thailand

Sukhothai was the first capital of Thailand, before Ayuthaya and obviously even before Bangkok.
Sukhothai is located right halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, so it is worth stopping at least one day to discover its historical park which is considered a sort of miniature Angkor although this comparison seems to irritate Cambodians a lot.
Sukhothai It was the first independent Thai kingdom, the city emerged in the thirteenth century coinciding with the decline of the empire Khmer it was the capital for 150 years and in this long period it played a very important role in the western area of ​​Thailand
The Thai king of the time was very inspired by the architecture of Sukhothai, the historical park is very well kept and above all it is concentrated in one main area therefore I found it much less dispersive and confusing than Ayutthaya which in my humble opinion although it has a more interesting story isn’t kept up much and I didn’t find it very interesting.

The best way to get around the park is rent a bicycle. The bike rental is right in front of the main entrance to the park, a bike for one day costs 30 baht and all areas of the park are accessible on two wheels.
Alternatively, if you don’t feel like cycling you can hire a tuk tuk.
To fully understand what you are visiting at the Sukkhotai historical park, I highly recommend renting an audio guide, only in this way will you be able to discover some details of the architectural and artistic tradition of Thailand and not make your tour a simple bike ride next to ruins and Buddhas. The cost ofaudio guide it is 150 baht. I was lucky enough to meet a Belgian gentleman, also a solo traveler, who listened for me and then translated. Without him I would have gone through the park in 2 hours without understanding anything. This investment is worth it.

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How much does it cost to enter Sukhothai Historical Park

The park is huge so it’s best to rent a bike before entering.
The cost for entry to the main area is 100 baht per person and 10 per bicycle. Total 110 baht (almost 3 euros).
The other two paid areas also each cost 100 baht to enter. I paid for one but honestly in my opinion it wasn’t worth it, it was a long bike ride under the sun and surrounded by unclear ruins.
The same goes for the third area where the only attraction is a large buddha that you could see even without crossing the threshold (like I did).

How to get to old Sukhotai from new Sukhotai

To get from new Sukhothai to old Sukhothai or to the historical park you can take a pick up which here are called taxis. There is no set time when they leave as soon as there are enough people.
You will recognize them immediately, they are open at the back and you sit in two parallel rows. Cost 60 baht round trip (30 baht one way and 30 on the way back).

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