What to do on Ko Pha Ngan

What to do, where to eat and where to sleep on Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is the island famous throughout the world for the famous full moon raves, the Full Moon Party, events that happen once a month and which obviously follow the lunar calendar.

But this island exceeded my expectations. Maybe it was because I went there during the low season and at the end of the monsoons but I didn’t even see the shadow of the rabble I expected of young people who can’t wait to dance for 2 uninterrupted days.
It is also true that the next full moon party will be held in a few weeks and yet in 2 days there would have been half moon party the party that takes place in the jungle.

Ko Pha Ngan is still an island that is not exactly infested with tourists, not too many structures and tourist villages that disturb the environment and above all fewer bars where women dance half naked attached to lap dance poles and above all accessible beaches, free and easy to reach by scooter.
The island is small enough to be easily explored on a scooter, I didn’t go around it all as I didn’t have enough time but I think that in 2 days (taking it easy) you can see the best of it.
There are roads but be careful of the dirt or some deviations, but with caution you can get around on a scooter without any problem.
The activities here are numerous: trekking, meditation, yoga, laze under the sun on one of the numerous beaches that can also be deserted, scuba diving (although it seems that the best, cheapest and most famous place is Koh Thao), jungle excursions on elephantsvisit to the Chinese Temple, courses Thai Boxe, Kiteboarding.
In short, a small island where you can never get bored if you just want to.

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Dove sleep in Ko Pha Ngan

Koh Pha Ngan offers beach bungalows for all budgets and tastes, particularly if you arrive on the island in the periods before or after the Full Moon Party you can enjoy this relaxed and heavenly environment.

Personally I stayed at Dolphin Bungalowsdouble bungalow starting from $12, I was in a pinch (this is known) but here I found an excellent quality/price ratio, what follows is my selection based on research done personally in which quality and price are happily compressed.

Food in low cost in Ko Pha Ngan

At first glance this island may seem like a shock to our finances. Thai dishes in restaurants are difficult to find for less than 80 baht, although in a restaurant with karaoke I had the joy of not only witnessing this very famous activity in Thailand and having fun listening to them sing but a truly remarkable noodle soup.
But not being able to spend 200 baht a day on food and mindful of lunches and dinners costing up to 50 baht, I committed myself to looking for a food market or cheaper restaurants.

And so the next morning riding my scooter I found what I was looking for: Phantip Market. An open space where during the day there are a series of really cheap and good restaurants (a plate of rice with prawns, vegetables for 40 baht, water for 10 baht and fish for 50 baht) and which comes alive even more in the evening with stalls of all types where the prices are really rock bottom. By the way, it’s also here wifi free and is located two minutes walking from the main port of the island. Easy to find and really cheap.
A riot of smells, from fresh fish, to fried noodles and spices that make Thai cuisine irresistible.

For a dessert and an excellent ice cream you also shouldn’t miss out Gelateria Phangan which makes homemade ice cream and is known for its Coconut Ice cream, which unfortunately had finished when I went so I had to indulge in mango and rum. Delicious. A cup costs 35 baht.

Come arrive at Ko Pha Ngan

If you are already on Koh Samui you can rely on one of the tourist agencies in Lamai, the honest cost is 300 baht which includes a taxi that takes you directly to the hotel and the ferry which in itself would still cost 200 baht.
alternatively, if you come from Bangkok you can get to Chumphon and from there take a ferry for a navigation of approximately 2 and a half hours. I took this route to return to Bangkok and paid 750 baht all included. I don’t know if the cost from Bangkok is the same. The bus I took is the government one, for clarification on buses in Thailand I refer to the post Thailand Buses, which are however very comfortable, they give you something to drink, a blanket and even a croissant.

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