Madhya Pradesh: Road Less Traveled

Madhya Pradesh: Road Less Traveled

Besides the fabulous monuments and natural wonders, there is a plethora of lesser known but equally stunning sights in Madhya Pradesh.


The beautiful Padhawali Temple is located about 14 km from Malanpur on the Malanpur-Morena road. Malanpur is about 25 km from Gwalior. The construction of this temple and other more than 50 monuments that can be seen here to Bhuteshwar valley belong to Gupta era. The Padhawali Fort was built by the Jat Ranas of Dhaulpur in the first half of the 18th century. The Mitawali Temple (40 km from Malanpur) is dedicated to Lord Shiva and dates back to the 14th century. The design would inspire the construction of the Parliament House in New Delhi. To know more about what Madhya Pradesh has to offer, check out Madhya Pradesh travel guide page.

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Chausath Yogini-tempel, Mitavli (door Pankaj Saksena)

Assa Khamba of Baori, Gwalior

The monument exists in front of the Man Mandir in Gwalior Fort. It was built by Maharaja Man Singh. There is an ancient step-well within the monument where separate rooms have been built for the queens to bathe.

Gwalior Fort (door Sumit Roy)
Gwalior Fort (door Sumit Roy)

Baori, Chandewa

The great step-well, repaired by Orchha’s ruler Veer Singh in 1618 CE, is a good example of early 16th-century Bundela architecture with sporting arches and lotus bud-shaped brackets.

Shelters, Jardhova

Located 38 km from Panna National Park, it features different styles of petroglyphs with animal figures in different moods, and hunting and fighting scenes in ocher.

Sun Temple, Rehali

The iconography here shows that an eastern temple existed in the 10th century CE. The ruins were reconstructed during the Maratha period in the 18th century. A large idol of the sun is installed in the garbhagriha.

Columnar Basalt

Ramnagar, 80 km from Mandla, is home to one of the wonders of the natural world. Here you will find hexagonal stones. A rare feature in the world of geological wonders, it is also known as karia-pahad (black mountain) – a favorite place for tourists and students.

After Madhya Pradesh, it’s time to explore other unusual places in India, right?

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