When to go to Morocco

When to go to Morocco? Climate and Period – 2024

Knowing when to go to Morocco  and the best period, based on  climateweather  and  temperatures , allows us to better organize the trip to this wonderful North African country. In this guide, we will learn about the climate of Morocco during its seasons , allowing us to organize the trip according to our needs and based on the  areas  we wish to visit. Beautiful Morocco is a country characterized by a desert landscape, between sea and ocean. Let’s discover together the  best time  to visit the country, thus making your trip to Morocco perfect!

The Climate of Morocco

To best organize your trip to Morocco it is important to know the temperatures and climate based on each  season  and the  area  you want to visit. Thus discovering what is the best time to visit Morocco. In fact, the climate can influence our travel experience. In fact, the climate in Morocco varies according to the period and the regions. Its temperatures fluctuate considerably from coastal areas to desert areas , from the Atlas Mountains to northern regions .

To visit the imperial cities and avoid the scorching heat, the best period is from March to April and from October to November , thus enjoying pleasant temperatures. If, however, you want to experience a trip dedicated to the sea and relaxation, the best period is summer , even if the Atlantic coasts are always cool, especially in the south. Furthermore, there are no periods that are not recommended for going to Morocco.

So let’s go and see together the different microclimates that characterize Morocco.

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Climate of the Atlantic coasts

Let’s see the weather, climate and temperatures in Morocco in the areas overlooking the Atlantic coasts, thus also understanding the best time to go here. The climate is similar, but milder, than the Mediterranean one, with winters similar to mid-seasons and summers that are never hot . The rains are present mainly from November to March and can lead to floods. The ocean is always cool , even in summer. In the northern part, like in Tangier , the averages range from 12 to 25°C and it is the hottest point on the Atlantic coast, as well as the rainiest.

Going south we find the capital, Rabat , and Casablanca . Here hot waves can arrive from the desert and the averages can range from 13 to 24°C. Going south from Agadir , we find Morocco’s almost desert-like weather and rare rain. Instead, in the centre-south, like in Essaouira , summers are windy and masses of hot air can arrive.

Climate inland and desert areas

In the internal areas the climate, weather and temperatures in Morocco are continental and semi-desert . To understand the best time for Morocco to go to the inland areas, it is important to know that here the effect of the cold Atlantic currents is less noticeable, the summers therefore become scorching and the winters much colder as you rise in altitude. Marrakech , 450m above sea level, has averages between 12 and 29°C.

Rain is rare, but a few thunderstorms may occur in summer . Temperature peaks in Morocco can reach over 40°C. Moving to Fes , here the Morocco weather and temperatures are cooler and rainier, with averages from 10 to 27°C. In desert areas , Morocco night temperatures in winter can be 2°C , while they can reach up to 50°C in summer during the day.

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Mountainous climate

Let’s move towards the Atlas and Rif chains to understand the weather, climate, temperatures and the best time to go here in Morocco. Depending on the altitude, temperatures can drop here too and you can ski towards Ifrane . Summers are hot during the day even at high altitudes, while at night it can also be very cold. Toubkal , at 4,167 m, is the highest peak in the country.

In Ifrane, temperatures, at 1,700 m, can range from 5 to 22°C and rainfall is abundant in winter and it can snow. In the eastern area of ​​the Atlas, on the border with Algeria, the climate is arid , with scorching summers and very cold winter nights. In Errachidia , at 1,000 m, summer averages are even 33°C. Around 1,150 m, in Ouarzazate , the climate is even colder here in Morocco.

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Morocco Temperatures, When to Go?

As we have seen, based on the areas we want to visit, we can find distinct types of climate, temperature and weather in Morocco. Morocco is suitable to be visited in any season. However, spring and autumn, thanks to their temperate climate, are the ideal periods to visit Morocco and in particular the Imperial Cities. While the winter months are the most suitable for planning a trip to the desert areas of the south. Finally, summer is suitable for a holiday in the milder coastal area, but it is very hot in the rest of the country.

FAQ – When to go to Morocco

Below you will find frequently asked questions from our travelers about when to go to Morocco.

When is it best to go to Morocco?

Morocco can be visited all year round but the ideal period is the months of April-May and September-October.

When not to go to Morocco?

There are no bad periods to go to Morocco, but it is important to know that during Ramadan it is difficult to find open activities. Additionally, in some places travelers are required to follow strict religious rules.

When to go to the beach in Morocco and where?

For a seaside trip to Morocco, spring and autumn are perfect, but also summer. In fact, if in the rest of the country the summer seasons are too hot, along the coast the temperatures are cooler and breezy.

When to leave for Marrakech?

Being located in the southern area of ​​the country, the best periods for Marrakech are spring and autumn. But winter also has a mild climate, even if there is a temperature range in the evening.

What’s the weather like in Morocco in December?

The climate in Morocco in December is cool, but allows you to enjoy beautiful sunny days, so it is an ideal time to go to Morocco.

What is the weather like in Morocco in February?

February represents the end of the Moroccan winter. Therefore its climate is similar to that of December, but with Morocco slightly increasing in temperature and less rainfall on the Atlantic coast.

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