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Flying for the first time? Travel like a pro with this ultimate guide

Boarding a flight for the first time? If yes, then there will be a lot of questions in your mind, some of which you can slyly ask your jet setter friends. Novice flyers are usually anxious and afraid of what to do at the airport or boarding the plane. Do not be afraid! We’ve put together some handy tips to make your first flight easier with enthusiasm and confidence.

Be done with paperwork

For international travelers, the most important document is their passport and visa. Make sure it has at least three months left before it expires. If you booked your ticket online and don’t have a printout, your confirmation email will have all the information you need at the check-in desk. At the check-in desk you will receive a boarding pass with your flight number, departure time and seat number. If you are flying within the country, an identification card (aadhaar card or pan card) is a must.

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Over the baggage

Even frequent flyers sometimes get confused by airline baggage limits, but as a newbie flyer, it’s more important to know the maximum weight limits of the airline you’re flying with. All airlines have restrictions on bag size, both for carry-on and hand luggage. If your luggage exceeds the weight limits, you may have to pay extra for the same. Most domestic airlines offer a checked baggage allowance of 7 to 10 kg. Also, make sure that the dimensions of your hand luggage do not exceed the allowed range.

Go through security check

After getting your boarding pass, the next step is the security check. Have your IDs and boarding pass ready at the gate. Take off your shoes and coat when you reach the sieving machines. Walk through the metal detector and pick up your stuff at the end of the conveyor belt.

Find your gate

You can check your gate number on your boarding pass or information screen. Signs at the airport will help you get to your gate. If the gate is not open at the time you reach, you can spend your time reading a book or having a coffee in the waiting area/lounge.

Locate your seat

The numbers written above each row indicate the seat numbers. You can store small bags under the seat and larger ones on the luggage racks. For food and drinks, you can press the button on the top to call the flight attendants.

Country and exit

Once your flight lands, collect your luggage from the baggage hold and walk off the plane. Follow the signs or check electronic display to claim your luggage. You may have to wait a while for the conveyor belt to start moving and for your bag to arrive. Exit the airport.

And you made it! You can now explore your destination and make the most of your trip.

Good trip!!

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