Harbin, the world’s largest ice city has been inaugurated

For those who love winter and snow there is a place that is a true paradise: it is the largest ice city in the world, which was inaugurated lately.

To reach it you have to fly to Harbin, China for theHarbin Ice Festival an unmissable event that will welcome tourists and spectators from December to March 2024.

A real one fairytale scenario, where snow and ice dominate, a place where you can live unforgettable experiences and where you can admire real carved works of art. A place where the dream turns into reality and where you can experience the sensation of experiencing something magical.

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Harbin Ice Festival, everything you need to know

The opening took place on December 20, 2023, but the official inauguration is scheduled for January 5, 2024: the Harbin Ice Festival. Then, it will remain open for visitors and tourists until around March 2024, to enjoy many unforgettable experiences. Anyone who finds themselves visiting it will be able to immerse yourself in a world made of ice and snowpopulated by fascinating sculptures, a world of colors and wonder, but also of sporting activities, sleds, and arctic animals to admire.

The travel experience can be organized based on your needs, in fact there are different options packages to access tours of all types. From the private one lasting one day, to longer options. In one day you can admire the Harbin Ice and snow world which extends for around 750 thousand square meters full of amazement and where you can admire colored ice sculptures, illuminated snow sculptures, but the package also includes Sun island international snow sculpture art expo and the Siberian tiger parkwhere it is possible to see the Siberian tiger: the route is divided into five sections and there are more than 600 animals.

But there are also other options, such as three day tour that adventurous lasting five days, or that dedicated to families which lasts three days. In the four-day tour, however, there is also a day of skiing on the slopes.

Theme parks are different and can give great emotions to every type of visitor: that’s it don’t fear the cold with temperatures dropping to around minus 38 degrees, the average – instead – is minus 16. It is therefore essential to set off equipped and well covered.

Harbin, where it is located and the history of the festival

The opening of one of the most popular areas of the Festival, namely the Harbin Ice and snow world, takes place around December 20th: this fairy world, made of ice and snow, was created to greet the new millennium and – since then it has been renewed every year – attracting many tourists. Access is possible from 9.30am to 9pm, this area is located in the western part of the Island of the Sun.

The Harbin Ice Festival, the largest in the world, was born in 1963, only to be interrupted until 1985. official opening ceremony held on January 5th and marks the formal start of the event, which is full of events and activities to try such as slides, ice lantern shows, but also activities such as sailing and ice football.

This event, as reported by the official website, was included in the four best ice and snow festivals in the world. And looking at the images you understand why: in addition to the vast choice of activities, it seems like entering a world of magic and wonder.

Harbin is the capital of provincia di Heilongjiang and is located in the north-east of China, it is a place full of stops that deserve to be included in a travel tour to immerse yourself in its culture.

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