Where is Tonga

Where is Tonga: Tongatapu, the principal island

Have you ever heard of Tonga? Or rather, the Kingdom of Tonga? We ask you this because it is a very distant country, often outside the radar of Italian travelers due to the costs necessary to reach it and the time it takes, but which in reality is a fairytale place, one of those to visit at least once in life: it is composed from 170 islands that are each more beautiful than the other.

Where is Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is an extraordinary island state located in Oceania, more precisely in Polynesia. Lapped by the South Pacific Ocean, it comes to life south of Samoa and east of Fiji.

Only 36 of its beautiful 170 islands are inhabited, incredible pockets of land which in turn are divided into three main groups, namely Vava’u, Ha’apai and Tongatapu. This does not mean that the others are also paradises on earth made up of white beaches, coral reefs and then tropical forests.

In 2022 they were, unfortunately, hit by a violent underwater volcanic eruption which generated a frightening tsunami which in turn caused several damages. Luckily, now all this is just a distant memory and Tonga has returned to being the Eden it has always been, as well as the “islands of friends”, a nickname that this Kingdom has profoundly earned due to the vibrant and welcoming character of its inhabitants.

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where is tonga

Tongatapu, the principal island

Tongatapu is the main island of this wonderful corner of the world and also the beautiful piece of land where the capital stands, Nuku’alofa, which offers a charming royal palace that lights up the waterfront. This building was built in 1867 in New Zealand in pure Victorian style, and was then transported to the island. Unfortunately it cannot be visited inside, but this does not mean that you can easily admire the outside.

The structure is flanked by a public park, the Pangao, where you can even witness official ceremonies and colorful parties. But the joys are also for sportsmen: here on Saturday morning you can participate with enthusiasm and cheering in a football or rugby match. The latter, by the way, is also the national sport.

Very interesting are the royal tombs and the various churches of the city, such as the Basilica of Sant’Antonio da Padovainside which the stations of the cross were created with coconut palm wood and embellished with mother-of-pearl inlays.

Those who want to learn more about the culture of the place should instead head to the Talamahu market, full of local agricultural products, or the flea market for handicrafts.

The island of Tongatapu has a shape reminiscent of a triangle and along its surface offers numerous panoramic points of historical interest and even beaches that seem to have fallen directly from paradise.

The ideal place to escape from routine, to dedicate yourself to beach holidays and water sports, because here you can really spend your days on the beach, enjoying the sun and the crystal clear waters of the ocean. And then you can snorkel and admire the very different life of the inhabitants of the area compared to ours.

where is tonga

The wonderful Vava’u

It’s certainly no exception Wow, an archipelago that many could define as one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the world. Made up of a main island and around fifty smaller islands separated by many channels, it finds one of its most exceptional places in the main bay of Neiafu, Port of Refuge, that is, one of the most characteristic landing gulfs in the South Pacific.

A truly peculiar place because it is a sort of long port surrounded by numerous islands that are arranged around it and which protect it from the winds. It is also an ideal place to stay, as well as for snorkelling and diving thanks to its sparkling seabed. There is no shortage of opportunities to carry out activities such as kayaking or multi-day cruises on splendid yachts.

The Ha’apai Archipelago

Also Ha’apai it is a magnificent archipelago of the Kingdom of Tonga, as well as the place that represents the geological and geographical center of the country.

About 50 of its islands stand out as flat coral atolls and then, suddenly, volcanoes rise into the skies Choose No which allow you to immerse yourself in the roughest and most primordial nature.

The inhabitants are particularly friendly and genuine, a hospitable people who live in idyllic islands made up of exceptional lagoons and kilometers of white sand caressed by a clear ocean.

For the rest, the caves of the Kingdom of Tonga are also not to be missed, just as it is absolutely worth taking an excursion on foot in the rainforest to arrive in the presence of volcanic lakes and eruptive vents.

Finally, know that it is possible to descend onto the walls of the sea cliffs, holding on to ropes that have been specially positioned there.

In short, the Kingdom of Tonga is one of those places that you need to visit at least once in your life.

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