The extraordinary winter scenery in China

The extraordinary winter scenery in China

There is something magical that happens around us between December and January when the dazzling lights of Christmas go out revealing silent and breathtaking landscapes. AND the magic of winter coming to lifeit is the snow that envelops the streets, neighborhoods and squares of some destinations in the world, transforming them into postcards of immense beauty.

Nature, even if in hibernation, continues to put on a show. This time it does so through the cold and the frost, with the snow that invades and pervades villages and towns that appear dressed in candid intensity. Lovers of the cold season know well that this is the perfect time to organize new and extraordinary trips, those that lead to the discovery of solitary and silent landscapesbut extremely suggestive.

Among these there is also Jilin, capital of the Chinese province of the same name located in the north-eastern region of the country. It is here, that on the bank of the Songhua River, citizens and travelers they were able to witness a spell: the frost has completely covered the tree-lined avenue, while the snow has wrapped the streets with its white blanket. As the whole city turned into a winter fairy tale.

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The extraordinary winter scenery in China

It happened suddenly and took my breath away: the inhabitants of the city of Jilin have awakened in the kingdom of Frozen. It is not the first time that nature gives us such superlative visions, what is certain is that we never get used to great beauty.

If you want to stock up on it, then the advice is to organize a trip to China: between prairies, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers and thousands of kilometers of coastline, this country enchants and amazes at all times of the year and at all seasons transforming into stage of Mother Nature’s most fascinating shows.

One of these is taking place right now in Jilin, in north-eastern China, and more precisely in the banks of the Songhua River, one of the largest and most important waterways in the territory that crosses the provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin. During the winter, when the waters of the great river freeze, the area transforms into one a sort of winter playground for people of all ages.

Even if Jilin is not exactly a mass tourism destination, it is really worth organizing a trip here during the cold season. Just look at the photos to understand why: it really seems to be in the kingdom of Frozen.

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The snow has colored this city white: it’s magic

What happens in the city of Jilin, when winter comes, we have already told: the frost invades and pervades the trees that run along the river bank while the snowall around, dyes the city white. Lovers of winter scenery should really put this destination on their travel wish lists. Even though it’s on the other side of the world, the scenery is well worth the trip.

Jilin, located in the province of the same name, offers many tourist attractions. Among the unmissable hotspots we highlight Mount Jingyuetan Scenic Area, Songhua Forest Park, Jilin Science Museum and the city’s Public Palace. For wellness lovers, however, the s are unmissablethermal springs in the area.

And if this isn’t enough for you, then nature will take care of transforming itself into yet another tourist attraction, perhaps the most beautiful, the one that transforms the city into a wonderful winter postcard.

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