Boom in cruises between Christmas and New Year

Boom in cruises between Christmas and New Year: the favorite destinations

Italians love traveling on cruise ships, not only in summer, but also at Christmas and New Year. This is what emerged from the survey conducted by Crocierissime on the bookings of our compatriots, which reported a 70% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. Let’s find out what they are the most popular destinations for these holidays.

Christmas and New Year 2023: Italians prefer cruises

2023 has been consecrated as the year of travel recovery, after the post-pandemic aftermath, with a tourism sector that seems to enjoy excellent health, showing a predilection among users for ship cruises. A holiday solution that allows you to obtain that well-calibrated mix of relaxation, discovery and fun for an exciting and regenerating escape from the strains of everyday life. Furthermore, as underlined by Laura Amoretti, CEO of Crocierissime, among the reasons for this preference, there is the opportunity to spend the holidays in a place where you can find the comfort and stimuli necessary to unplug in the company of your family or friends. closest friends.

It should be added that, during the holidays, the main cruise lines reserve a special welcome to guests on board, among tables set with delicious traditional dishes revisited by starred chefs, lots of music and themed activities designed to entertain adults and cheerfully entertain the little ones. There is also no shortage of Christmas markets and engaging Christmas shows, designed to give passengers a tangible memory of their memorable winter holidays.

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The most popular cruise destinations for these holidays

This year too, the majority of Italians have chosen to head towards Western Mediterranean, with bookings increasing by 47.62% compared to 2022. A classic cruise tour that visits some of the most emblematic European cities. From the very lively Barcelona, with its modernist buildings and magnificent views of the Gothic Quarter, in Palermo, with the Arab and Norman charm of its splendid architecture and the inebriating scents of the Ballarò market. From the brightness of Marseillehistoric port city in southern France with its bohemian spirit and typical Mediterranean atmosphere, with the uniqueness of Napolia city full of surprises, with a view of the gulf of the same name that admits of no rivals.

The Crocierissime survey also highlights, however, a notable increase in cruises headed to Dubai and United Arab Emirateswith a surprising +140% of preferences compared to those recorded in Christmas 2022. A journey by sea that leads to the discovery of the Arab world in all its facets, allowing you to savor all the mysterious and controversial charm of the East, to immerse yourself among the bold futuristic architecture in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the atmospheres of a thousand and one nights in Gulf of Oman.

However, there are also new destinations that capture the interest of passengers. An increase in bookings has been recorded, for example, for cruises directed to Caribbean, with a +96.67%. A fact that confirms travellers’ desire to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in an unconventional way, in the splendid bays of this paradisiacal archipelago. Finally, there is no shortage. those who have decided to immerse themselves in the wonders of Northern Europe by following the routes of ancient explorers, itineraries by sea capable of inspiring and surprising any traveller.

Christmas and New Year: unmissable cruises

For the holidays, Norwegian Jewel is organizing a splendid 14-day cruise – from December 22nd to January 5th – in Thailand, Indonesia e Vietnam, between paradisiacal beaches, Hindu temples and many unmissable attractions, starting from 1,245 euros. On the Norwegian Spirit, however, they can be reached Sydney, Melbourne e Wellington in Auckland, from 23 December to 4 January, starting from 1,029 euros.

Instead, we depart from Orlando, Florida, on board the Mariner of the Seas, with Royal Caribbean, starting from 508 euros. 5 days and 4 nights at Bahamas and a day on beautiful Cocoa Island.

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