things to do before you die

100 things to do before you die

100 things to do before you die.

The meaning is simple to understand but the reason for this post is given by the fact that one of the 100 things was to convince someone to do the same and see who finishes first.
Anyone who knows me knows that I like challenges and I rarely back down so here is a list with things to do before you die!!

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1. Set foot on every continent, including Antarctica.
Europe (Started in 1995 and Completed in 2010)
Asia (from October 2011 to February 2012)
Africa (completed 2005)
North America Including Central America and Caribbean (Completed in 2011)
South America
2. Take a RTW (Round The World) trip. (Completed…starting in October)
3. Take a trip abroad or visit a country by bike.
4. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway.
5. Take a Eurotrip, visiting every European capital.
6. Retrace Kerouac’s steps in the United States, from New York to San Francisco.
7. Volunteer for a month. (completed in Morocco in 2005 and Panama in 2011)
8. Climb one of the highest mountains in the world in Nepal.
9. Participate in the Carnival in Rio, Brazil.
10. Participate in the Feast of San Fermin, Pamplona, ​​Spain.
11. Learn to dance the Samba.
12. Attending the Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany. (completed September 2008)
13. Go kitesurfing
14. Swim among the whales. (Completed, Isla Holbox, Mexico, 2011)
15. Take a road trip for at least a month. (Completed in 2011. Panama to Mexico)
16. Learn a new language besides English. (completed in 2011. I learned Spanish.)
17. Singing in public (not karaoke).
18. Volunteer in an African village
19. Take a meditation course
20. Seeing a photo posted.
21. See an article published. (Completed, article published in the Tourism Yearbook, 2002)
22. Write a book.
23. Go to a gay pride. (Completed many times: Rome, Madrid, London)
24. Go without internet for at least 3 months.
25. Volunteer in Africa.
26. See whales in South America
27. To surf. (Completed in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador 2011)
28. Start a musical group.
29. See Macchu Picchu, in Peru.
30. Be a street artist for a day, and receive at least 20 euros.
31. Win a competition, any.
32. Working abroad. (Completed: 4 years in London)
33. Eating a real Taco in Mexico. (Completed, Mexico 2011)
34. Have a collection of funny hats.
35. Smoking a cigar in Cuba. (Completed, La Habana 2011)
36. Go to the worst bar in Caracas
37. Go on a safari in Africa
38. Go paragliding
39. Walk the Great Wall of China.
40. Meeting someone famous and humiliating them while having no idea who they are. (Completed, Taormina 2006 I told an Italian actor without recognizing him that his show was unwatchable)
41. Eating an insect (Thailand 2012)
42. Build a tree house
43. See a free kangaroo
44. Do yoga. (Completed, Rome 2002)
45. Go on a trip of at least a week without a suitcase.
46. Invent a cocktail and see it on the menu of a restaurant/club. (Completed, Rome, 2005)
47. Learn German.
48. Volunteer with sea turtles
49. Andrew Israel
50. See the Pyramids in Egypt
51. Have a party and have at least 500 people in attendance.
52. Create a successful blog/site (I hope I can say I succeeded)
53. Being able to become a freelancer and earn enough to continue traveling without locking myself in an office
54. Act in a theater with at least 200 people in the audience.
55. Go backpacking around the world.
56. Take a sailing trip (without getting seasick) – Aeolian Islands 2013
57. Go to a nude beach, naked. (Completed in Granada, 2009)
58. Visit Italy on a Vespa.
59. Hitchhiking.
60. Pick up a hitchhiker.
61. Waking up one morning and leaving, without planning.
62. Take a motorcycle trip.
63. See the Vatican. (Completed, Vatican City, 2007)
64. Go to the Street Parade in Zurich.
65. Go to the Berlin Film Festival.
66. Go to the Full Moon Party, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand
67. Living in Berlin.
68. Swimming in the Dead Sea.
69. Vedere Angkor Wat, in Cambogia.
70. Fare snowboard.
71. Take a Vietnamese cooking class
72. Fire me. (Completed 2 times: 2007, 2011)
73. Create a creative environment to share with other artists and non-artists.
74. Get someone else to make a list like this and see who finishes first. (Completed, 2011. Convinto Giuseppe of
75. Being mistaken for someone famous and getting an autograph
76. Taking a trip with my mother. (Completed, Poland 2007)
77. Take a trip just to visit all the people you met on previous trips.
78. Don’t color your hair for 6 months (considering I’m starting to have annoying little white friends).
79. Take Tahi cooking lessons.
80. See the Sahara. (Completed in Morocco, 2005)
81. Learn to play an instrument. (Completed, piano. 1996)
82. Camping in a rainforest.
83. Take a shower under a waterfall. (Completed: Ocho rios Jamaica 2011)
84. See a musical on Broadway.
85. See the end of Berlusconi. I would like to complete it
86. Seeing that nothing has changed since the end of Berlusconi.
87. Go on safari in Africa
88. Traveling in Holland by bike
89. Being hypnotized.
90. Fare Couch Surfing. (Completato a NYC 2011)
91. Be an example for someone. (They say it was…but I’m not sure about this point)
92. Stop sleeping more than you should. (Completed, I sleep 7 hours, that’s right, right?)
93. Fly to another country and return the same evening
94. Receive at least 10 comments on this post. (Completed August 29, 2011)
95. Become an expert on something. (Completed…I hope. SEO expert)
96. To be elected something.
97. Fare surf
98. See the Mona Lisa. (Completed, Paris, 1996)
99. Go to the Love Parade in Germany.
100. Make sure this list doesn’t remain just a list.

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