Trip to Nicaragua – Travel tips and what not to miss

Nicaragua is very quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Central America thanks to the variety of views and activities that can range from surfing to climbing volcanoes and the latest innovation that combines SandBoarding or surfing on the volcano!

But Nicaragua is not just volcanoes and waves but also a Caribbean sea in which to relax and enjoy the bluest sea in the world and desert islands: the Corn Islands.

The civil war is over and today Nicaragua can be considered a country where you can travel without any problem, even for solo travelers and women there are no problems of any kind, it being understood that you must always take the necessary precautions.

Nicaragua continues to be a poor country where theft is the order of the day so I will not stop repeating that in these countries you must always avoid walking alone at night on the streets, on the beach and not carry original documents with you ( only photocopies), credit cards and too much money. Avoid wearing jewelry or things that may attract the potential thief.

But in general and in my experience, a trip to Nicaragua can prove to be a pleasant surprise thanks to the numerous things you can do and the difference in landscapes available.

A 360 degree journey in a country where the cost of living is still very low, the people are kind and always available to help and where you can now meet many other backpackers.

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What not to miss in Nicaragua

Ometepe Island: near Managua and in southern Nicaragua right in the middle of a large lake is the island of Ometepe, an island formed by two volcanoes, one of which is still active. On this island you can live life at the limits of simplicity and spend days climbing volcanoes, sunbathing on the lake’s beach or simply doing nothing in one of the hammocks of the finca where you decide to stay.

The Corn Islands: in the Caribbean sea there are the two Corn Islands (large and small), a true Caribbean paradise where you can snorkel and dive. Easy to get to with a flight from Managua (around $180 return).

Granada and Leon: In these two cities you can enjoy the beauty of the Central American colonial cities, a little in decline but with their charm. Both can be easily reached from Managua. In Leon you can do SandBoarding ($28) on the volcano

San Juan der Sur: a short distance from the border with Costa Rica is this delightful seaside village where at night you can have fun in one of the numerous bars and clubs and during the day you can surf on the coast of the Pacific Ocean… you just need to choose the beach and on which waves. Warning: the beaches for surfing are about 20 minutes by shuttle from the center and it is better to go with shuttles organized by the hostels (about $5 return) as you often hear of tourists being robbed in these internal streets.

Matagalpa e Estelì: in these two towns within Nicaragua you can see with your own eyes the real life in Nicaragua, see the Cowboys and taste the coffee as well as take a tour of a coffee factory.


General information on Nicaragua

Daily budget: $15 – $20 day hostel included
Hostel:100 cordobas per day (around €4) in a dormitory
Spoken languages: Spanish and English
Change: €1 = 32,35 cordobas
Jet lag: -7 hours compared to Italy
Documents and visas to go to Nicaragua: To enter you only need a passport with at least 6 months of validity, no visa is required. The maximum stay is 3 months at which point if you want to stay longer you must cross the border with Costa Rica, Honduras or El Salvador and then return. At the border when you leave the country you pay $2 (in cordobas or American dollars).

Important: The Nicaraguan currency has no value outside the country, so if you are left with money, change it before crossing the border otherwise it will just remain a nice souvenir. Money can easily be exchanged with one of the many people who ask while you queue for your passport to be stamped. The gearbox is generally good.

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