Oasis Hostel – Where to sleep in Granada, Nicaragua

It is worth visiting Nicaragua because it is a particular country that connects Costa Rica where in my opinion it is all a question of nature with what once El Salvador became the land of the Maya and where culture and traditions begin to be felt and above all seen .

One of the most beautiful but also best-known cities in Nicaragua is Granadaa beautiful colonial city with a large market, a large blue lake that looks like a sea and populated by hundreds of beautiful islands (Las Isletas to be precise) and which you can easily get around on foot in a couple of hours.
Then at night the main street which is generally empty during the day and with few restaurants open becomes a crowded street with music, lights and many people walking or queuing to sit at one of the free outdoor tables.

Nicaragua is also one of the cheapest countries in Central America and the hostel I stayed in and which I recommend to everyone is theOasis hostel.
The hostel is not located in one of the “good” areas of Granada considering that it is close to the market and about 5 minutes walking from the main tourist street but it is easy to reach from the bus station (5 minutes walking or less) as well as to a supermarket and tiendas and local restaurants that are much cheaper and more typical than those in the central area.

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Oasis is a backpackers hostel with an internal patio where there is no shortage of tables with armchairs, hammocks (about 6 I think), a swimming pool, a bar station where the breakfasts (which are paid but the sweet bread every morning with coffee and tea are free), one Kitchen quite large with adjoining television room, internet stations, free wi-filarge number of books to be exchanged and also a huge DVD collection and to top it off, a friendly and helpful staff who will help you organize any tours.

This hostel is one of the most famous in Granada and I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone here found travel companions and new friends to have fun with day and night.
The hostel offers dormitory rooms (rooms for approximately 10 – 12 people), double rooms or rooms for 4 people. The rooms also have lockers with wooden padlocks and are very large enough to store your entire backpack without having to leave it in the middle of the room.
The hostel also organizes daily tours to the Support gap ($6 for return shuttle and private beach), climb the vulcano Happytours a The Islets (although for this I recommend going directly to the pier and bargaining with the boatmen, you will pay much less) or a tour of shopping you typical craftsmanship in Masaya town.

Costs per night at the Oasis hostel

Considering that you are in Nicaragua I admit that the costs are higher than average as you can find hostels that offer beds for $5 but if you arrive in Nicaragua in the hot months the Oasis swimming pool could save you from very hot days.
I personally preferred to pay a little more and stay in a large, airy hostel with a swimming pool rather than pay 3-4 dollars less but suffer the heat.
A bed in a dormitory costa $9 (€6.50)
Single private room with fan $13 (€9.42)
Private double room with fan and shared bathroom $20 (€14.50)
Private twin or double room with fan and half bathroom, i.e. outdoor shower $23 (€16.67)
Private double room with air conditioning $28 (€20.30)

Oasis Hostel is located at C. Estrada 109, Granada, Nicaragua.
For reservations you can send an email to [email protected] or you can request availability online from the official website

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