Where to surf in Central America

Where to surf in Central America

Surfing is a passion, it becomes a lifestyle and those who start often can’t stop and so even holidays and trips are animated by the search for the right spots in which to ride the waves.

If this is the intent then there is no shadow of a doubt that the Central America may prove to be the right place to ride the waves that attract millions of surfers from all over the world every year.

In this article I want to indicate some of the best places to do excellent surfing, starting from Panama up to Nicaragua, in the next I will list the spots from El Salvador up to Mexico.

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Best surf spots in Central America


Bull’s mouths
A isla Colon there are numerous surf spots that can be reached by bicycle or car. The most famous beaches are Playa Bluff where the waves are large and intense and Playa Punch. Don’t swim in these waters which can be dangerous but just surf.
Playa Punch it offers a good mix of left and right waves and can be really big. Generally you have the best waves here.
On the way to Playa Bluff you can stop at a break called Dumps. The waves here can be up to 3 meters high and is only recommended for experienced surfers. Here you can also find the Inner Dumps where there are rocks. Be careful when surfing, better if you wear suitable shoes.
Playa Bluff it is the most famous spot on the island and after seeing it I understand why. The waves are scary at times and are powerful and large. The waves close quickly and the tunnels aren’t bad.
A Bastimientos Island the two beaches where you can surf and are excellent for beginners are Wizard Beach and Red Frog Island.

Saint Catherine: in the middle of Panama and on the Pacific coast, Santa Catalina can easily compete with the famous beaches of Costa Rica and is considered one of the best surfing destinations in all of Central America. The best time for surfing is from December to April.

Where to surf in Central America

Costa Rica

On the Caribbean coast are worth mentioning: Black Beach (Cachuita), Old Port of Talamanca e Black Beach which is not on the surfing beach circuit which means more waves for you and not too many people in the water.
Old Port of Talamanca in turn offers numerous surf breaks.
Among the most renowned memories Brave sauce (not for beginners) e Playa Cocles, ideal and in the early morning then the wind picks up which makes the surf less good. Ideal period from December to March.

On the Central Pacific Coast I am able to remember the breaks of Jacobbig waves and guaranteed fun e Sunday where the waves are huge and super fun. Not yet invaded by tourism, it is slowly starting to become a destination for backpackers and low-cost travellers.

On the Pacific Coast but moving to the Pensinsula de Nicoya the spots are numerous but the most famous are Tamarindo Beach, ideal for beginners and to start taking lessons. Advanced surfers will probably prefer the nearby ones Velvet & Black, Junquillal e Big beach. Going down the peninsula then you can no longer get lost Santa Teresa, kilometers of beach where the only activity is surfing. Ideal for professional surfers but also for beginners. Lessons starting from €30 per hour.

Where to surf in Central America


San Juan der Sur it is located a short distance from the border with Costa Rica. For surfing there are numerous spots that can be reached by private shuttle which is generally offered (for a fee) by hostels. Wood Beach it is one of the most popular breaks, then there is also Beautiful beach where you can take surf lessons or participate in surf camps. The waves are not like those of Costa Rica but are excellent for professional surfers and beginners.

Going up the coast you can stop at Las Salinas and Popoyo Beach, here you only surf and the accommodations are a bit poor. Only for those who want to sufera every day and care little about the rest.

Look at it in the north of Nicaragua reachable from Leon, excellent surf break for beginners and professional surfers.

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