Traveling Safely Tanzania

Traveling Safely Tanzania

In this Guide Traveling Safely Tanzania taken from our Traveling Informed section, we will give you all the information information you need to know to travel safe and prepared to Tanzania from Italy. Wonderful wild country of Africa oriental, offers many things to see and do. A territory between prairies, montagne and cost is an increasingly popular destination for safari. Between Big Five and the barrier Reef influences Arab and the wonderful beaches of Zanzibar There are many reasons for a trip here. Let’s find out together in our guide best time for the visit, i documents necessary and the accessories useful to have in your suitcase, thus making the most of your trip to Tanzania!

When to go to Tanzania

Before finding out the rules for Travel Safely in Tanzania from Italy if you can go and documents necessary for your trip, to plan everything in the best way it is important to also understand the ideal period to visit the country. The climate of Tanzania is of type subtropical and in the area of ​​its plateau tropical. Thanks to the altitude it never reaches high temperatures. Moving around the area coastal of Tanzania, instead flat all year round it is humid and hot, especially from November to April.

The rain season varies in intensity depending on the areas, going from December to April, or in spring or autumn. The period of winter, and June to August is the freshest one, as it is thesouthern winter and the climate is dry almost everywhere. This large African country just below the Equator it is mainly distributed on a plateau, between the savannah, its natural reserves and then the beaches. Overall, the best time for a trip to Tanzania it is from July to August: the least rainy and coolest time. The rainy season begins in October from the north, moving south in January. The area of Serengeti it is also ideal from June to September, observing the summer season great wildebeest migration.

So, let’s see together how and if you can go to Tanzania and how to travel safely to this wonderful country from Italy.

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Maasai village of Olpopongi, Arusha - safe travel tanzania from italy - safe travel to tanzania from italy - tanzania safe travel - you can go to tanzania
The Maasai village of Olpopongi, near Arusha

Documents for Tanzania

To all citizens coming from Italyor from the European Union, who want to travel to Tanzania for Traveling Safely is required passport valid for expatriation and at least with the residual duration of at least 6 months from the date of arrival in the country. For changes to the legislation regarding the residual validity we recommend that you inform yourself in advance at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy. So yes, you can go to Tanzania but it is necessary il view also for turismo.

The visa can be obtained only online tramite i dedicated sites ( o in Italian The visa must be requested at least 10 days before of departure, in case of emergency the Consulate can issue entry documents within 6 days. For them group departure (minimum 10 people), however, it is possible to write an email to [email protected], obtaining the simplified forms. Any other method is not authorized. In the case of business trips, it will be necessary to obtain a dedicated visa at the Tanzanian Embassy or Consulate.

Health and Vaccinations for Tanzania

To Travel Safely in Tanzania from Italy, theobligation to stipulatebefore departure, both for Tanzania and Zanzibar, one International Health Insurance Certification which provides for the coverage of medical expenses and possible medical repatriation by air. Further information on Certification can be requested from [email protected]. We also remember that the health situation in Tanzania is poor and serious. For travelers over 1 year of age coming from countries where yellow fever is at risk of transmission, even if only in case of airport transit for more than 12 hours, the yellow fever vaccine is required.

For more information on vaccinations recommended consult the dedicated site and your doctor in case of previous pathologies. AIDS and malaria are widespread in the country. The vaccines accepted by the United Republic of Tanzania are those recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Also consult your doctor with feverish symptoms after returning.

Clothing and useful material for safe travels in Tanzania

The choice ofclothing to travel to Tanzania you must meet practical criteria, comfort, responsiveness to the climate based on the season and the surrounding environment. Therefore, we recommend that you bring with you: canvas hat, scarf, cotton clothes and T-shirts, pullover, long cotton canvas trousers, jeans, swimsuit, pajamas, cotton underwear, thick cotton socks , trekking shoes or sneakers, k-way type windproof jacket.

Also not to forget:

  • backpack to use for excursions,
  • sunglasses,
  • handkerchiefs and refreshing wipes,
  • insect repellent,
  • eye drops,
  • pouch-type money bag and document holder,
  • folding umbrella.

Currency in Tanzania

The official currency of Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling (SW). In tourist places the dollar and theeuro, credit cards are only accepted in large Western hotels or restaurants. For your expenses there we suggest so to have with you local currency. Pickup points are available in major cities.


To travel safely in the country we would like to point out that Plugs and sockets are not the same present in Italy. We therefore recommend that you bring a universal adapter with you. The voltage of the current is a 220V/50Hz. The taken mainly they are of type tripolar. In some lodges or camps electricity can be supplied by generators turned off at night.

Jet lag

Tanzania is +2 ore ahead of Italy (GMT+3).


Area code for Italy: +0039 + telephone number.
Country code for Tanzania: +255 + telephone number.

Where to Travel Safely in Tanzania?

Generally it is possible to Travel Safely in Tanzania throughout the country. In relation to public order there are no particular critical issues, but we always recommend avoiding demonstrations and gatherings in Arusha and Dar es Salaam, especially in tourist areas. We advise you not to rely on strangers for lifts and only use official taxis and avoid carrying valuable objects. Be careful of personal items also in the beach areas of Zanzibar, especially between Jambiani and Paje.

Fumba island, Zanzibar
The island of Fumba, Zanzibar

Where not to travel safely in Tanzania?

Tanzania is a relatively safe country in the tourist circuits, but we always recommend, especially in the most crowded areas, to pay attention to your personal items. In the rain season Flooding is frequent, with structural collapses and road interruptions, making travel outside the cities more difficult. We also recommend particular caution and to avoid travel to the borders of Democratic Republic of Congo he was born in Burundi as well as of Mozambique. To avoid finding yourself in political demonstrations, we advise caution in the city of Stonetown and on the island of Pemba during gatherings.

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