What is the difference between Camper and Van?

What is the difference between Camper and Van? Choose the right medium

What are the differences between campers and vans? Which one to choose for your adventure?

The terms camper e camper van they are often used interchangeably. In truth we are talking about two very different solutions which have in common only the fact that they allow you to live on wheels.
Both types of vehicles have their own pros and cons, each adapts to a different travel style, various needs and different interests.

There is a camper or van that suits each of us, but before finding out which one, let’s understand what makes them so different and why one can be more suitable than another.

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What is a camper?

A camper is both a larger vehicle and a fancier vehicle.
They are wider and longer than a van with much more space. Inside there are separate and defined living areas; the sleeping and clothing storage area complete with windows and curtains and beds for up to six people, a living area and a bathroom, generally more spacious than in a van.

The kitchen area is fully equipped with sink, refrigerator, prep area and stove. All ingeniously assembled in a very similar way to a kitchen reminiscent of those on boats. Then there will be a dining area with table and chairs and, usually, more space to also place bicycles or something that requires a lot of space, in a special trunk on the side.

What are the pros and cons of campervaning?

If you rent or buy a camper you will certainly not lack convenience, but keep in mind that these are much larger and slower vehicles that need to be parked and maneuvered with care.

Campers are not equipped with four-wheel drive which risks making it more difficult to travel on dirt or snowy roads.
Vehicle maintenance also requires constant care and attention.

What is a camper van?

A camper van is a more agile and simple version of a camper. These are often large (or small) vans, the brands are usually: Fiat Ducato, Citroen and Mercedeswhich have been converted to offer some of the typical features of a camper.

Inside there is heating, a living space, kitchenette and small bathroom.
The sofa usually also has a space that we use as a pantry since the storage spaces are small. The fridge isn’t very big either.

The van is functional and compact, therefore it requires greater adaptability than a camper.

What are the pros and cons of camper van

The positive side of the van is certainly found in the fact that thanks to its small size the vehicle is lighter and more agile than a camper.
If the van is a diesel 4×4 it is possible to tackle even the most difficult and complicated roads in all seasons.
almost anything the Icelandic wilderness could throw at them.

The downside is that the spaces are limited and therefore you must both be ready for minimalism and for the more difficult management of the trunk and pantries.

van life

Which one to choose?

As with everything, the choice between camper and van is completely personal.
If you are thinking of buying one, it is worth renting one first and trying different options, not only choosing between campers and vans but also between different sizes, and understanding how it feels to drive and how it feels to live in it.

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