When to go to Ireland

When to go to Ireland? Climate and Period – 2024

Know when to go to Ireland and the best time, based on climate, weather forecast e temperaturewill allow us to better organize the trip on theEmerald Isle. In this guide, we will learn about the climate of Ireland during its seasonsallowing us to organize according to our needs and based on zone that we want to visit. The wonderful Republic of Ireland is a country ofWestern Europe absolutely worth discovering, with its characteristic landscape verdant and the famous weatherman unpredictable. So let’s discover together the best time to visit the country, thus making your trip to Ireland perfect!

The Climate of Ireland

To best organize your trip to Ireland it is important to know the its temperatures and climate according to each season and to zone that you want to visit. Finding out what is the best time to go to Ireland. In fact, the climate can influence our travel experience in several ways. The Irish climate is also famous for being extremely variable and take people by surprise. The weather in Ireland, climate and temperatures are typical oceanic, moist and fresh. The sky is predominantly cloudy or it rains all the time of the year.

The temperature excursions in the various seasons however contained, there is therefore no great heat in summer or frost in winter, which is very rare. The temperatures are constants in all areas of Ireland, plus trees in the western areas. Irish weather, however, is famous for its quick changes between rain, sunny spells and clouds, while i venti they are stronger in the area northern and the area more rainy is that a nord. There is therefore no period to go to Ireland that is not recommended, but the best time is summer June to August; never forgetting the raincoat!

So let’s see in detail when to go based on Ireland’s weather, climate and temperature, discovering the best period.

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Climate Northern coast

The climate, weather and temperature Ireland on the north coast, are in winter suckers and mild, while in estate one area remains fresh. In the area of Malin Head in the county of Donegal the point further north of the island, the winter averages are 6°C, reaching 15°C in summer. The rainshowever, are frequent all year round, but never abundant. If you are wondering when to go to this area of ​​Ireland, the best time, with the most sunny days, is spring.

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Fanad Head Lighthouse, County Donegal

Climate Dublin

Let’s move into the capital of the Emerald Isle, to discover the best time to go to Ireland. The city is located on the coast Orientalwhich in summer is the area with higher temperatures of the island. Furthermore, the area is also the less rainy of Ireland, with however frequent rainfall throughout the year. The weather in Ireland here is frequently cloudy and maggio it is the sunniest month.

Ha'penny Bridge Dublin
The Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin

Climate south-west coast

To find out the best time to go to Ireland, it is important to know the climate in each area, the weather and temperatures. The area of ​​the south-west coast is the one with the milder winter climate. Which frosts they are winter rare and it is possible for this reason to find one flora also of type sub-tropical. In the county of Kerryas onValentia Island, winter averages are 7°C and summer averages can even reach 16°C. Being directly exposed to currents coming from the south-west and humid, here they are more heavy rains.

Dingle peninsula cliffs county kerry - ireland climate - ireland climate - the climate of ireland - climate in ireland - the irish climate - ireland temperatures - temperatures ireland - temperature ireland - temperatures in ireland - ireland temperature
The Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry

Ireland Temperatures, When to Go?

As we have seen, based on the areas we want to visit, the climate in Ireland, the weather and its temperatures do not undergo many variations, even during seasonal changes. So, in general, any time of the year is ideal for a trip here, although the best time to visit Ireland is certainly spring and summer. Even winter and autumn are not advisable for a trip to the country, always remembering to pack a waterproofso as not to be caught unprepared by the frequent rains, which are always not abundant.

Below, we will analyze every seasonalso listing any holiday and events. Advising you on trips and the best time to visit the country based on the climate and weather in Ireland.

Winter in Ireland

As anticipated, if you are thinking about when to go to Ireland during the best period, winter is not among them. From December to Februaryin fact, it is cold, but as previously mentioned the frosts are rare. The weather in Ireland during the winter always involves cloudy skies, with frequent rainswindstorms and more intense depressions than in other seasons. Rarely temperatures go to below zero even at night. The maxims on the coasts it hovers around the 7°C, with some higher degrees in the internal areas. As there are no large mountain ranges, in the Wicklow Mountains and other heights above 500 m, snowfall. Frosts, like snowfalls, are rare and short, thanks to Atlantic currents.

Spring in Ireland

One of the better times to visit the country, thanks to its weather temperatures and climates Ireland, is undoubtedly the spring one. From March to Maythe climate is still frescocontinuing into April and often until maggio temperatures don’t rise. However, in many areas of the island this is also the busiest season sunny e less rainy of the year. In spring, the 17 Marchone of the most important festivals in the country is held in Ireland: the St Patrick’s Day. Here, in all the main cities of the country, but especially in Dublinthe famous float parade is held for the patron saint and the streets are filled with celebrations and events of various types.

Summer in Ireland

If you are still wondering when to go to Ireland, and are thinking about summer for your trip, let’s look at the weather, climate and temperatures this season. The Irish summer, as seen, is one of the ideal seasons for your trip. From June to August temperatures are cool and highs hover north of the highs 18 and in other areas 20°C. Even in this season, however, we must always take into account the Irish climate, unpredictable and rainy, which after a cloud cover can surprise us by illuminating the green of its landscapes. Furthermore, this is also the ideal season for our Grand Tour Ireland.

Gran Tour Ireland

In short: Tour Ireland 10 days between North and Eire immersed in their landscapes.
Itinerary: Dublino, Belfast, Derry, Connemara, Cliff of Moher, Kilkenny.
Duration: 10 days – 9 nights
Confirmed Departures
Code: EIARCH1001

For short periods, the weather can remain sunny and with temperature warmthanks to the arrival of high pressure Azores. In these cases, temperatures in Ireland have also been recorded around 25°C. This season, we also recommend our Classic Ireland Tour. The ideal trip for those who have a week available and want to discover the beauties of the west of the country.

Classic Ireland Tour

In short: 7 day tour of Ireland discovering the west.
Itinerary: Dublino, Kerry, Dingle, Cliffs of Moher, Galway.
Duration: 8 days – 7 nights
Confirmed Departures
Code: EIARCH0801

Autumn in Ireland

Finally, autumn, with its climate and temperatures in Ireland, is not one of the best times to go here, like winter. Indeed, Ireland weather from September to November it’s a lot rainy e cloudycon very rare sunny days. Furthermore, one of the most important holidays on the island is held in this season October 31st: Samhain. Also known as Halloweenthis holiday, contrary to what many believe, was not born in America, but from the Irish tradition during the period of Celts. Samhain, in fact, is nothing other than theancient Celtic new year.

Ireland Climate, When to Go?

After having shown you what is the best time to go to Ireland based on the climate, we have seen that the ideal season to visit the country is summer.

So, what is the best time to go to Ireland? Let’s see together the table with all the details to find out when to go based on the months of the year.

Months per year*****=mite
*****=more expensive

FAQ, Ireland When To Go

Below you will find them Frequent questions of our travelers to see together what is the best time to go based on the weather in Ireland, its climate and temperatures.

When is it best to go to Ireland?

The best time for Ireland is summer.

When not to go to Ireland?

There are no particular periods not recommended for going to Ireland.

How to Visit Ireland and When to Go Based on the Climate?

Now that, thanks to our article When to go to Ireland you have a clearer idea, we advise you to find out about the necessary documents to enter the country and visit our Safe Traveling section for all information on access and possible restrictions.

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