When to go to Dubai – The best time to travel and the cheapest

Mini-guide to the best time to go to Dubai

Dubai is a lively city 12 months a year but due to the geographical position which makes it pleasant in winter and hot in summer, covering the reason you ask when to go to Dubai.

Ask yourself which month is the best to visit, if there are some months that are more suitable than others or, for those who would like to save a little, when is it cheapest to travel to Dubaithese are all legitimate questions, and ones that I have asked myself too, which I answer in this post.

Although some of Dubai’s main attractions, such as its shopping centers which represent real attractions, can be visit all year roundil heat of the summer months it can be excruciating and make your holiday something of a nightmare, especially if you want to visit a lot of places.

Il most popular, and therefore best, time to go to Dubai will give October to May with peaks in December, January and February, when the heat is pleasant, the humidity is low and in the evening a light breeze refreshes the air (always bring a jacket or sweater to cover yourself when the sun goes down)

If you decide to traveling to Dubai in the height of summer don’t forget to bring a jacket.

Because if you risk petrifying yourself outside, inside all the places you visit the air conditioning can be very high, almost making you regret not being exposed to the terrible 50 degrees.

Having anticipated something, let’s proceed to find out when to go to Dubai temperatures month by month and what special events you might find during your trip.

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The best time to go to Dubai

Dubai does not follow the traditional Northern Hemisphere seasonal cycle. In Dubai it goes from hot to very hot.

Nello choose when to go to Dubai be honest with yourself and admit how much you can tolerate the heat should you choose to go in the summer.

Many people prefer it the late spring when external conditions are perfect for the beach.

Others prefer the cooler winter months, from December to Februarywhen there is a plethora of outdoor activities and there are so many things to do.

In general i best months to go to Dubai are from November to March, but as it is high season hotel costs are higher.

A valid alternative would be the months of October and from April to May.

In these months the temperatures are higher and they are exceptional months if your holiday is more oriented towards the sea rather than long walks.

Hotel rates are a little lower than December – February, there are fewer crowds of tourists In the main attractions, the city’s many outdoor cafes and restaurants are open, so, unlike in the summer, you can enjoy the whole of Dubai’s entertainment scene, including the street life that, in neighborhoods like Bur Dubai and Deirait’s awesome and fun.
Daytime temperatures rise during this period, but are not as unbearable as those of the summer months.

Dubai Marina canal view

Going to Dubai in winter

Dubai in winter is a magical place. Full of seasonal outdoor events and lots of hours of sunshine and very little rain.

The cooler months are January to Februarywhen daily highs usually reach 25°C and nighttime lows drop to 15°C.

The sea temperature in winter drops on average to 23°C, not very hot but not too cold. In fact, I can guarantee you that Dubai can keep you busy for days without even giving you time to wear a swimsuit. The mild weather persists until April, then things warm up quickly at the end of May.

Winter is the best time of year to enjoy the too Dubai desert and outdoor adventures.

Going to Dubai in the summer

If you want to pay less and find hotels at super advantageous prices best time to travel to Dubai is during the summer months, i.e. from June to September.

Be aware, however, that the climate in these months is scorching and very humidmaking sightseeing in Dubai outside of the early morning and dusk hours extremely difficult, especially if you are traveling with children.

If you are traveling during Dubai summerknow that street life is almost non-existent during the day.

The inhabitants of Dubai try to spend as little time as possible outdoors due to the heat and concentrate inside the shopping centers where the problem could be the opposite, it’s cold!

Another downside of traveling to Dubai in the summer is that i many cafes and restaurants with terraces and outdoor spaces are closed for the entire season. Which is a shame because the city has numerous rooftop bars with exceptional views of the city

If all that doesn’t worry you, there are great discounts on accommodation, with some hotels offering discounts of up to 50% off standard rates. You can book 5-star hotels at advantageous prices.

Dubai month by month

If you are undecided about the period in which to go to Dubai, find out which month is best for you by reading the specifications below.

  • Going to Dubai in January – January is one of the most popular times to visit Dubai. The climate is cool and hovers between 23 degrees during the day and 15 in the evening. It might rain but when it happens it rains only briefly. Typically a maximum of two days of rain per month can be expected.
  • Going to Dubai in February – The average temperatures in Dubai in February begin to rise and are between 26 degrees during the day and 17 in the evening. It might rain, expect 4 days of rain, but other than that, that’s not a problem, February is a great month to travel to Dubai. Evenings are cooler and the heat is manageable for most travelers – although pleasant weather means it’s also one of the busiest months to go to Dubai.
  • Going to Dubai in March – In March, the 8 hours of sunshine are accompanied by temperatures of around 29⁰C and higher humidity. It’s a great time to soak up the heat before the sweltering heat sets in and the humidity becomes more intense,
  • Going to Dubai in April – April is hot and humid and marks the arrival of summer in Dubai. There are 10 hours of sunshine and average temperatures fluctuate between 22⁰C and 34⁰C with increased humidity and very little rain. Sea temperatures rise to around 25⁰C making the great month for swimming and spending time on the beach.
  • Going to Dubai in May – Dubai starts to get very hot in May and you could reach 37⁰C. Street life begins to decline and people begin to confine themselves inside shopping centers.
  • Going to Dubai in June – June is very hot with temperatures hovering around 38⁰C with 11 hours of sunshine per day. Sea temperatures are usually around 30⁰C. Visiting the city could be tiring due to the heat.
  • Going to Dubai in July and August – Dubai gets even hotter in July and August. You can reach boiling temperatures reaching 40/41⁰C or more. These are the least suitable months for traveling to Dubai. But they are also the cheapest.
  • Going to Dubai in September – September continues to be a hot month to go to Dubai. The temperatures are around 39⁰C and the sea water is very warm (too much for my taste). Towards the end of the month and the end of the year, Dubai is occasionally covered by a atmospheric fog – a rare event in the early hours that is best captured from the top of a skyscraper.
  • Going to Dubai in October – In October the climate in Dubai becomes cooler in October even if the average remains around 35⁰C. The sea water temperature is still very warm (around 30 degrees).
  • Going to Dubai in November – Dubai gradually becomes cooler in November. The days are warm around 25⁰C and with average minimums of 19⁰C while the sea temperature is 27⁰C. Visitor numbers are starting to increase as the weather makes it one of the best times to go to Dubai before it gets very crowded in December and January.
  • Going to Dubai in December – One of the most popular times of the year to visit Dubai. The climate is pleasantly warm, around 21⁰C and with cool evenings. Outdoor bars and terraces are back in operation!
Dubai Creek

Going to Dubai during Ramadan and other local holidays

Il Ramadan, il Muslim month of fasting, is taken very seriously in Dubai. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Eating, drinking, chewing gum and smoking in all public spaces is prohibited from dawn to dusk for everyone, including non-Muslims.

Although some restaurants, mostly those located in international hotels and some cafes in shopping malls, serve food during the day – with the curtains drawn on the restaurant windows, so that those fasting do not have to see people eating – almost all restaurants and cafes close during daylight hours and they open only at sunset.

From sunset onwards, it’s feasting time, with many hotels and restaurants catering menu speciali Iftar (the Ramadan meal after sunset), which they must be booked in advance due to high demand.

Businesses, including tourist attractions and shops, are open, but with shorter hours throughout the month.

An advantage of visiting during Ramadan is that the city ​​is less crowded than usual as many Dubai residents decide to go on holiday during this month, and the city also receives fewer tourists.

Other holidays you want to consider are as follows

  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Arafat Day and Eid al-Adha
  • Hijri New Year
  • Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif – the birthday of the Prophets

These dates move forward by about 10 days each year compared to the Gregorian calendar. Actual dates are not confirmed until the moon is sighted. The Islamic calendar is lunarso the dates of Ramadan change every year.

When is it cheapest to go to Dubai?

Travel seasons around the world are divided into high season and low season.

  • L’high season it encompasses the months with the best climatic conditions and greatest attendance, in which hotel costs reach their peak.
  • The low season instead it is the cheapest one and which groups together the months in which the climatic conditions are less favorable and therefore record lower tourist numbers.

It is therefore clear that the cheapest time to visit Dubai is during the low season monthsor summer.

But since the summer months can be unbearably hot, the best middle ground for going to Dubai is the months immediately preceding or following the hottest months. But above all, to save money I advise you to book your accommodation well in advance.

Dubai is not just 7-star and super expensive hotels, but you can also find hotels with excellent quality/price ratio that sell out quickly. But for this topic I recommend you read the post: where to stay in Dubai and advice for choosing the best hotel.

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