Why live in London

Why live in London…even if it won’t be forever

It took me a while to understand this because other things strike you at the start of London. You are struck by the amount of people always around at any time of day or night, you are struck by the infinite availability and variety of places to eat, the double-decker buses that fill the streets, the skyscrapers of the city that emerge from the clouds , people dressed in the strangest ways.

But then, as the months went by and the city became less scary and more familiar, I realized that London is beautiful. I mean aesthetically beautiful. There is a special care that pervades this city, the love for beauty, for elegance, for the details that exude from the whiteness of the houses of Chelseafrom the gardens of Kensingtonfrom the buildings of Mayfaire and from the shops of New Bond. Walking around London is an aesthetic experience that always gives emotions. Like crossing the City walking among the spectacular new skyscrapers that compete to see who dares and amazes the most. Or have a tea in the Orangery di Kensington Gardens or drink a beer at sunset on the Barbican terrace.

And then, apart from the central and famous places, London is full of small corners known by few, often not even by Londoners themselves. Primrose Hill and Chalcot Square with its colorful houses juxtaposed with a perfectly harmonious choice of colors around a very green garden with cherry trees in bloom. The square of Broadgate Squarebehind Liverpool Station, where lies a splendid and enormous statue of Venus of Boteroi quiet canals of Wapping and those turned on by the parties and clubs of Hackney.

London is not a hit and run place. London is huge, it’s a collection of many villages each with its own soul and character. It is extreme in its diversity but welcoming and reassuring when you get to know it. In London there is room for everyone, if you get involved, if you face it with open eyes and a smile, if you try to conquer it by discovering it inch by inch, jumping on buses and down the tube, chasing deer in Richmond park or drinking a coffee slowly, on a rainy day, in a café on Brick Lane.

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Why live in London
Why live in London

My London is like this. It was like that. A blend of emotions and surprises. A requited love, but always in the balance. A strong and passionate love, but with short roots, ready to break and take you far away when the spell ends.

I knew since I arrived that this wouldn’t be my city, I knew it wouldn’t last because it wasn’t what I was looking for. Yet I was fascinated and captivated by it so much that I ended up loving it more every day. Until I realized that time passed and I was more and more part of her and less and less of me. Instead of finding a place that suited me, I had let myself be shaped by her, trapped and seduced by her notes as sweet as the song of a Siren.

Because the real danger with London is not not loving it, but loving it too much.

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