Best cities in the world for Street Art

Best cities in the world for Street Art

Gone are the days when drawings on a wall made with spray were considered a symbol of degradation, artists like Bansky and Swoon they create graffiti worth thousands of euros, they are collected by rock stars, actors and museums.

The street art it has always been “cool” but in the twentieth century it became art.
Although dedicated art galleries are now growing, the best place to see street art continues to be the street.
Graffiti seen on the street and perhaps suddenly without expecting it create emotions, sometimes even strong ones, in some cases they are obvious signs of protest and in others they simply embellish a corner, a wall or a lamppost.
However, street art is not only made of graphite but includes stickers, objects, LEDs and magazines and everything that can be made with common and simple materials.
As a lover of street art in these articles I want to list the cities that in my opinion are the best in the world for street art, to the point that it would be worth organizing a trip along the graffiti and street art route. A contemporary and current tour. A journey of art, culture, creativity and in some cases social battles.

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New York City, United States

New York City is one of the best cities to appreciate street art, with Berlin being the best choice if you plan to learn more about this new art.
The first experiments in New York can be traced back to the 60s and 70s, here were born the drawings made previously and then attached to the wall, stencils or drawings made with spray on a previously created template, drawings on the floor.
In New York you can find stickers of Shepard Fairey, Neck Face which has as its object strange and frightening animals up to Bansky e Swoon which tells of love and portraits of lovers. These artists worked in all 5 boroughs of New York.
The neighborhoods that offer an intense and very interesting artistic scene are Manhattan (East Side e Chelsea) e Brooklyn (DUMBO, Williamsburg e Busgwick.

On the site you can buy maps of 3 different areas or all 3 for $25 to do a DIY graffiti tour.grayscale photography of two women walking

Berlin, Germany

The graphites and the most famous street art in Berlin is obviously the one at
But street art in Berlin is much more, artists from all over the world come here to create creative and enormous works, easy to find especially in the eastern part of the city in neighborhoods such as: Not e Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.
Berlin street culture, street art culture, embraces graffiti, murals, stickers, stencils or simple signatures on the wall.
In Berlin you can find many works by Blu the famous Italian artist or works by the Los Angeles CBS.
In Berlin, for those who want to take a guided tour of graffiti and street art, you can take advantage of a free tour that takes place every day and there is no need for a reservation, organized by Alternative Berlin.
This free tour (the others are paid and the one dedicated solely to street art costs €15), lasts 3 and a half hours, starts at 11 in the morning and you just have to show up, book only if you are a large group as they want to keep the groups small.
With this tour we go toEastside Galleryvisits to independent art galleries and urban art projects, to abandoned sites, daytime raves, flea markets, and to squats where emerging artists exhibit works.

purple yellow and pink wall graffiti

London, Great Britain

Those who are passionate about street art cannot fail to know Banksy but he is not the only one who has contributed to coloring and painting in the streets of the city. In 2008 the Tate Modern he even organized an exhibition dedicated to the 6 most famous international street artists including Bansky and King Robbo who in 1965 painted a mural in Regent’s Canal which in 2009 was covered by a wallpaper of Bansky. In April this modification was also retouched and was signed by Team Robbo. The war is not over.
The London neighborhoods where you can see street art are Shoreditch, Camden and Waterloo where there is a little-known tunnel covered in graffiti by numerous artists.
For those who are interested in exhibitions and want to buy works, I highly recommend the West Bank London Art gallery.

womans face graffiti on wall

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne offers an interesting art scene that has exploded very quickly and unexpectedly. An interesting urban scene exploded and a few years later a stancil festival was held here which has now become an annual event.
Melbourne changes its look very often, a mix of posters, stencils, stickers, graffiti cover Hosier Lane right in the center of the city. Beyond CBD (Melbourne’s Central Business District) cannot be missed Northcote, Brunswick e Fitzroy.
In Melbourne you can find works by artists such as Haha, VextaMiso, Ghostpatrol.
Generally the works here have a political meaning or are self-referential and remind us that the street is a suitable place to express thoughts and emotions, just think that their slogan is “Blank Walls are Criminal”!

Paris, France

Paris is still Paris and even street art here acquires different, elegant tones.
Graffiti on walls in the gardens, kisses, dancers, mosaics of Jerome Gulon that embellish street corners but also protagonists of video games, or space invaders, or art with Rubik’s cubes (a trend called Rubikcubism) or works by M. Chat who give silly smiles arriving from the most unexpected places especially from tall buildings.
In Paris you can also find stencils by Jef Aerosothe super sexy girls of Fafi, blow-ups of photos of people from JRone to the series Women Are Heroes created in 2009 at the Pont Sanit-Louis and the works of the Parisian artist Joseph Mendy known as Method Graphic who, with the reversal graffiti technique, took Obama, John Lennon and the Mona Lisa as its subject.
Also don’t miss out on Paris Rue Dènoyez to the Belleville subway.

graffiti on wall during daytime

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