reasons to leave the comforts of home and travel

10 reasons to leave the comforts of home and travel

«I would really like to be able to travel but I don’t have the time.»

«I would like to travel the world but I don’t have enough money.»

«Blessed are you who live so carefree and always traveling around the world, I don’t have the chance.»

These are the excuses most used by people when I ask why, if they have a great desire to travel, they don’t go seriously. The fact is that, precisely, they are just useless excuses.

The reality is that they do not have the courage to abandon their daily routine and the comforts of home, most people remain anchored to their apartment and their job, continually putting off the things they really want for the future, ending up throwing away, as the wise Henry David Thoreau said, «the best part of life human earning money to enjoy freedom rather doubtful In the period less valuable of existence.”

As our Giulia tells us, to give up everything and travel takes balls, it takes courage to abandon everyday comfort to chase your dreams, but it is precisely at the end of our comfort zone that life, the real one, begins.

Travel is one of the best ways to test ourselves and improve ourselves. If you are not convinced, here are 10 excellent reasons to abandon everyday life and start travelling:

The sense of absolute freedom you feel when traveling is wonderful. Deciding where to go, how long to stay in one place, what to do, what time to wake up, what time to go to bed. Being completely in control of your days and your time is a unique sensation that you can only experience by abandoning everyday life.

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Learning about yourself and growing as a person

Traveling for a long time leads not only to knowing the places you visit but also to knowing a little more about yourself. You have a lot of time to look inside yourself and better understand what your strengths and shortcomings are. Seeing the world, learning about new cultures and meeting people who think differently than us makes us learn a lot about ourselves and our expectations and goals in life may change completely. When you return from a long trip you are no longer the same person who left some time ago, when you return from a long trip you are a better person.

Learn about new cultures and ways of living

When you live in the same place for a long time, or your whole life, you are led to believe that everyone else in the world thinks like us, has the same customs and customs as us. Traveling and adventuring in countries with different cultures will be a pleasant discovery for us. Everything out there is different from what we are used to doing and believing. We are fascinated by how diverse the world is. Discovering how they live in the world is truly fascinating and will open our eyes and broaden our horizons. Our days will be a continuous pleasant discovery.

Become more sociable

reasons to leave the comforts of home and travel
reasons to leave the comforts of home and travel

Obviously when you travel you are constantly in contact with all kinds of people. We may need help from locals or other tourists, or vice versa they may need us. Not everyone is able to talk to strangers, and initially it won’t be easy, but once you have acquired this skill it will be very useful and fun to talk to strangers to make new friends or simply to have a chat in a park or at the bus stop. bus.

Meet new people

Inevitably when traveling you will come into contact with all types of people. We will meet interesting people, very nice guys, but also someone boring or someone who wants to screw us. But the chances of making friends in any country are really great, and some of these friendships can last a lifetime. It is beautiful and inspiring to have friends of different nationalities all over the world. In my travels I have met amazing people, some of whom are still great friends of mine.

Realize that you need little to survive

How many objects and junk do you have around the house? How many of these items are actually useful? I lived in Australia for months with only a backpack containing a laptop, a camera and some clothes. I never had a need for any of the things I left at home during my trip. The great thing about traveling is that you don’t need a lot of clothes. You can alternate between two pairs of jeans and wear the same shirt every time you go out at night for months without anyone telling you anything. By traveling you learn to give the right priority to objects and you realize how very little is enough to live on.

Learning to live with loneliness

When traveling alone you have to take into account that you will have to live with some moments of solitude. It is normal and physiological to feel alone or homesick while traveling. But when you manage to overcome these moments, manage these emotions and manage them in a positive way, you grow as a person and learn to live better with yourself.

Becoming more “awake”

By traveling you become smarter and smarter. Our innate gift for avoiding danger comes out. You learn to always be alert, you learn to recognize and avoid all those who take advantage of tourists. You learn to negotiate and barter with local traders, given that prices for tourists are usually always higher. In short, by traveling you learn to be in the world.

Make your friends and colleagues jealous

Ok, it’s not exactly ethically correct, but do you want to have the satisfaction of making people feel envious of us? Most people are convinced that they cannot afford to travel, in reality not everyone has the balls to pack their things in their suitcase and leave, abandoning the known for the unknown. For this reason they will be jealous of us and our lifestyle.

Rediscover the beauty of home

When you leave you just want to leave everything old behind. But by traveling you can understand the value of your home and the places where you grew up. You can appreciate your home, old friends and family much more when you return from a long trip.

To conclude. Are you still in that phase where you would like to give up everything to explore the world but you keep putting it off for a moment that never seems to arrive? Stop settling on your everyday life, on your certainties and embrace the unknown to chase your dreams. You have everything to gain

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