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Why traveling makes us stronger

I have never been a particularly strong person, even if that impression could be deceiving. The various situations I have faced in my life have made me who I am. A rigid education, many expectations towards me, even being too tall at a young age was a source of embarrassment for me (crazy eh?), were some of the elements that somehow shook me from a strange torpor that has characterized me since I was a newborn and cried only out of hunger.

All the expectations placed on me although fulfilled led me to believe at a certain point that I was living the life of others. I had to forcefully cut an umbilical cord that forced me to live trying not to disappoint anyone without caring about my needs and desires. With the help of my parents and some good friends I drastically cut back on this legal, and the decisive event was the famous trip to Morocco.
I began to live totally independently, accepting all the consequences.
Defeats. Many. Successes. Just as many.
From Veneto to Sicily. From Sicily to Rome. From Rome to London. From London… you know the story that I’m not here to repeat.
A quick look at my past, almost 33 years, a look at the present, a question mark on the future.
But what did I really learn from travelling? What are the benefits of travel?

For those who follow me, you know that I don’t just talk about roses and flowers. You also know that I think that the way I am, continuous pilgrimage is not exactly what I want, but rather I like to experience to the point of wanting to create something new.
But I have one certainty that moving constantly is a definitive or temporary choice: traveling strengthens you. Because if it is true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, travel as an event that overturns a person’s personal life also brings with it an important load that shapes us and makes us aware of ourselves and our unlimited capacity for power. achieve everything we want.
Here are some reasons why I believe traveling makes us stronger.

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Traveling forces you to change your habits and beliefs

I believe a curious spirit is essential when traveling. If you don’t want to discover the reality that surrounds you, it’s useless. We lose the beauty of this journey. If we don’t learn the language of the country that hosts us, we lose the essential contact tool that will open the doors to a new and exciting experience. If we don’t adapt to eating, even when we don’t like it, we won’t appreciate its traditions. If we do not respect the way we dress, we will continue to be foreigners in a foreign land and treated as such. If, on the other hand, we change our habits, we will be able to feel, even if for short periods, part of a different community and we will be able to intensely experience a new reality. It is not easy to abandon your habits, but once you take this step we have already changed and perhaps more malleable and less rigid than we were at the beginning of the journey.

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Traveling opens your mind

Because it is normal to be trapped in a mental state that is a product of our time and our culture.
Traveling shows you the limits you have when you encounter difficulties outside the circle we are used to. Creativity saves you in many situations and in some cases you have to think differently than you would at home. Solve problems in a creative and different way and see solutions even where before you seemed to only have an insurmountable wall in front of you.

Traveling teaches you respect

By traveling you learn to respect not only what you are experiencing but also what you have left behind. So much time in Latin culture made me melancholy about my life in Europe. A macho society as perhaps Italy was many years ago against the freedom of our countries (and for those who tell me that we don’t joke around too, I invite you to take a tour around here and realize what I’m talking about).
You learn to respect everything you have, had and will have. The decision to stop for a longer or shorter period is personal, but like a precious and delicate vase, the culture of a country must also be treated with love and delicacy, accepting it and not criticizing it. We are not obliged to live in a certain place but we are obliged to treat those who are hosting us with respect.

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Traveling involves problems and solutions

I could spend my life traveling. I can’t live without traveling. Blablabla.
I don’t want to say that they are all blablabla but traveling is complicated in some cases just like our daily life. Problems and dangers arise and many times you are alone and without anyone’s support. You have to make decisions and you often have to do it quickly.
We walk an uncertain path where a decision will change the course and direction irrevocably.
Traveling is a challenge and teaches you that you can face anything.
Fears, discouragement, illness… if you travel, especially for long periods, anything can happen and when these things happen far from home the situation becomes complicated and seems more difficult than it would be if we were in our nest.
It’s a challenge with yourself, and in my case also with some people who told me “I couldn’t do it”… or wanted me to believe it.
I overcame a challenge with all the necessary passion and devotion. I dedicated myself body and soul to a personal undertaking aimed perhaps more at proving to myself that I could rather than at researching myself.

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Traveling helps to overcome fears and teaches that the secret lies in one’s own will

I am a firm supporter of the law of attraction whereby like attracts like, whereby strong desire if accompanied by action and the total absence of obsession becomes reality.
I don’t believe in external powers and entities except in the strength of our minds and in the positive (and unfortunately negative) energy that we release. We are what we thought. And so, looking back on my life, which I have always considered a chain of happy coincidences, I actually realized that they were just a chain of personal thoughts that I transformed into practical actions.
Traveling is a dream for many. It’s a shame that few people turn it into reality.

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