Tikal National Park in Guatemala

Tikal National Park in Guatemala

Tikal National Park in Guatemala

Tikal it is a journey through time and a walk in one of the wonders of the world, one of the most beautiful and evocative spiritual places on earth.

The monumental site with its Mayan pyramids immersed in the rainforest is one of the most beautiful places in all of Central America, walking in the wild nature and finding yourself in front of 100 meter high pyramids is something spectacular.

Tikal was a metropolis inhabited by 100,000 inhabitants and home to the Jaguar Clan. Today Tikal attracts archaeologists from all over the world and the nature that forms the backdrop to this walk into the past makes it a daydream.

Tikal Natural Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The ruins of Tikal have more than 3000 structures, covering approximately six square kilometers where you can see palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, terraces, squares, avenues and baths.
The Maya began construction on Tikal around 600 BC and for the next 1,500 years the area was an important religious, scientific and political center.

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Although the construction of the pyramids is not characteristic only of the Maya, it must be said that the Tikal pyramids stand out for a particular elegance due to their small base and height.
The most beautiful pyramid is probably the Temple IVthe tallest building in all of pre-Columbian America and which is more than 70 meters high.
Once you climb to the summit you can admire a breathtaking panorama, an endless rainforest in which you can glimpse the tips of temples.
In the beginning the buildings of Tikal were decorated with wooden architraves and the buildings were colored and covered with stucco frescoed with scenes that recalled religious rites or were all colored red.
In Tikal National Park you can see not only Mayan temples but also howler monkeys and parrots, deer, toucans and even the occasional jaguar that shows up.
There are also tropical plants and flowers and lush green vegetation.

To get to Tikal National Park if you are staying in Flores, a lovely pastel colored town on Lake Petén Itzá, you can book a shuttle from the hostel (about 1 hour and a half) which costs around 150 quetzales and entry to the park is $25, you can also pay for a guide who is highly recommended. The guide costs $25.

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