what is the way so that you can save money?

What is the way so that you can save money?

You want to make enough money to be able to you save the largest percentage of your salary and build a satisfactory budget in a shorter period of time than you imagined?

If you are bold, work seasonally, have no obligations to hold you back and can step out of your comfort zone then this article is for you.

How can I collect money?
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First of all, in order to start saving money, you have to understand that you have to make a lot of sacrifices that you probably didn’t think about or don’t want to accept. Some of them are:

  • Sacrifice your home if you rent.
How can I collect money?
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Renting a house accompanied by bills has a large cost that will deprive you of a good percentage of your salary. Where you will stay will be discussed below.

  • Losing your family and friends.

When you decide you want all of your paycheck money to end up in your pocket obviously and you know you’re going to be away from your place of residence for quite some time.

  • Forget the fun.
How can I collect money?
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No more late nights, alcohol and fun which cost much more at each exit from “going out for a drink”. My best friend always told me “you will have a bad time now to have a better time later”. Of course, you don’t need to be excessive and suppress yourself only at work. We are humans.

If you can accept these criteria then you realize that it is time to make a change in your life.

But what is the way so that you can save money?

How can I collect money?
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As difficult as it sounds, you must adopt seasonal employment all months of the year because if you know how to cost yourself and recognize the right job opportunities in terms of salary then you can definitely close deals over €1,800 for all months of the year.

And you will say to me now: But, Jordan, seasonal employment in Greece is up to 6 months, what will I do the rest? And I’ll tell you: In the remaining months, you close a seasonal job abroad with paid accommodation and board so that you continue to have no expenses and your salary remains quite high.

So imagine that you have completed a summer season where every month you cleared €2,500 from payroll and tips, and then you leave for a winter season in which you will continue to make €2,500 without any expensive expenses at all. €2,500 x 12 months = €30,000 / year. This amount is of course variable because there are various basic expenses such as transport tickets, the supermarket and the personal needs you have as a person to cover.

Nevertheless, you save housing costs and a large percentage of food costs, giving you the possibility to manage and keep an amount that you could not save even in five years living in Athens with a daily wage job.

How can I collect money?
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Winter seasonal work can be found very easily by simply doing a google search with key words. There are many countries that ask for seasonal winter staff and usually those that have Ski Resorts. For example: Switzerland, Austria, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Italy. In these countries you can easily find a seasonal job in which they will provide you with accommodation, food and cheap or even free medical insurance (eg European Youth Card).

The next option is the Netherlands where they provide you with accommodation but usually at a cost of €400 and medical insurance at €25/week minimum.

The amounts I mention always depend on the opportunities you find, the experience you have to claim them, the taxes imposed on you in each state (that’s why we always ask if the hourly wage is before or after tax) and the management you choose to do.

How can I collect money?

Considering the above you can imagine that you can make a beautiful pillow in two or three years that will allow you to buy a cheap house or open a small business or even study something you love and focus there. If you are one of those people who survive quite hard and want to change things this is a good method to start somewhere.

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