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Traveling alone – Travel advice and input

The feeling you get before starting a trip alone?

Do you know when you start going up and up and up those stairs that seem more feeble and unsafe with every step?

Start looking down and think: I’m not jumping from here!

Ready to harness yourself for the roller coaster, a mixture of fear and enthusiasm keeps you tied to your seat. Adrenaline reigns supreme!

What initially are feelings of fear and anxiety quickly transform into enthusiasm; an irrepressible fervor that you can’t help but search and search for and so you are there again, ready to go back upand the higher you climb, the more you feel this energy flowing through your veins, this input to throw yourself again, to challenge yourself, to live.

It’s like when you know you have to cross a dark room and the only light available to you is that of a candle, a weak light that you don’t think is capable of illuminating your steps, and so a little worry is completely normal.

Once inside the room with your candle, you realize that all in all the glow that it emanates is enough to take the first steps and continue forward.

Your sight sharpens, everything seems clearer, what previously seemed dark now takes on a new and pleasant shade and you begin to see things in a different light and soon you will encounter other lights like yours along the way ready to show you the way , to give you advice, to enlighten you on the right path to follow.

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In reality you are never alone…

There are countless traveling companions who cross paths, collide and re-encounter along the way.

Each with something to tell, each with a part of themselves to leave us as a legacy. It’s like a script too perfect to be able to investigate its mechanisms, the only thing to do it’s “playing” your part in the most spontaneous way possiblebeing yourself and letting yourself be carried away by this current, without too many plans, without too much resistance, just realizing that you are part of something bigger.

Where if we smile and approach situations and people in a positive way we cannot help but receive, as the Mexicans say, a Cool!

Often what is missing to start such an experience is the right input, there are too many fears, fears, concerns related to the budget… and so we put it off.

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The right inputs to start traveling alone

Airplane flight – A valid stimulus can certainly be that of a cheap plane ticket.
I built my trip myself, found the flight and mapped out a half itinerary, a good search engine for finding cheap flights is Skyscanner

That’s how I arrived in Mexico on a one-way flight.

Without too many plans or expectations you find yourself on the other side of the world living from day to day, there is no point in making plans and marking long-term itineraries; you will soon realize that everything goes without saying.

And so you find yourself swimming with turtles, flying with seagulls, tasting new flavors in some remote market, seeing rituals you thought had been forgotten, listening to stories of life, travel, people, working in a bar in in the middle of the jungle, to leave a part of you everywhere.

What I’m noticing while traveling and talking to hostel owners and other travelers (certainly more experienced than me) is that Italians “Backpacker solitari” there are very few around; in Europe I think we are the last on the list, absolutely in the top places boys and girls (to me it seems like these more than boys) in Northern Europe.
Northern Europeans have well understood that a couple of months or a year Traveling alone it is an experience absolutely worth having, formative and growth and this is increasingly entering the culture so much so that there are now quite a few agencies specialized in helping to plan the movements of the so-called “Gap Year”, at absolutely reasonable prices.

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To give you an example, our fellow countryman Giulia, who has been traveling around the world for almost 2 years now, paid £1800 (taxes included) or 2250 euros for the following route: London—>Bangkok – Bali—-> Adelaide – Sydney —->Fiji – Fiji—->Christchurch – Aukland —–>Santiago de Chile – Rio de Janeiro —–>London
For further information you can consult this site and request our quote:

Travel budget – As a “want and be able” budget, there are many ways to save on travel, once you find a good flight you can really spend little. Apart from the cheap hostels you can find (in Central America they cost around 3.5-6 euros per night) I remind you of the legendary Couchsurfing which in addition to saving on accommodation gives you the opportunity to really get to know the place you are visiting.

It’s like having friends everywhere, and now with the new methods it’s even faster and easier to find hospitality.
Not sure? I honestly have traveled a lot of times even alone with CS and I have absolutely only had positive experiences… you choose where to go… and the feedback from previous guests can certainly guide you in making a wise choice.

Traveling by land – What if instead of the plane we decided to go by land? Let’s not forget the possibility of doing Hitch-hiking. Nowadays, however, the classic finger at the side of the road or at the entrance to the motorway has been replaced by the so-called Carsharing; a sort of organized telematic hitchhiking where the driver and passengers can reach an agreement via the internet. Both those who have a car and need to undertake a trip, and travelers can enter the route they intend to take, the date and the expense contribution.

I would say a brilliant way to save money and reduce pollution.

Staying in a destination for a long time – Another way to avoid going too low on your budget is to stay in one place for a few weeks, offering your help in exchange for food and accommodation.

You will thus have the opportunity to truly experience the place and not remain passive tourists.

I stopped for 2 weeks to work as a bartender in a hostel in the middle of the jungle Guatemala; experience to say the least wonderful and at times ambiguous, almost unreal how you went from silence and the lack of electricity in the morning to super parties in the evening where to bring you back to reality were cockroaches (when it was good :P)

I made contact with the hostel that hosted me via the site Workaway which requires a 2-year membership which costs 22 euros.
Without too many plans, I recommend that if you like a place and want to stay a little longer, you propose to the hostel.
Useful resources:,,,

How can we then forget about the possibility (especially for girls) of doing the “au pair”, my first experiences of traveling alone were just like “Au-pair”; room, board and a small weekly salary in exchange for Baby sitting and some household chores when required.

An incredible way to really come into contact with the culture of the place, to be able to learn a language in a natural and economical way, to form real bonds and to spend absolutely nothing and even be able to pay for the trip.

What I can advise you before and during the trip is to consult blogs of other travelers to get ideas not only on itineraries and places to visit.

I hope I have given you some useful information, help to dispel your fears and an extra input to get you traveling and above all “tested”;

Traveling to get lost everywhere and find yourself everywhere…
Traveling to grow, fall in love, live…
Traveling to look for a treasure that you already know you will find at the starting point richer, more complete, more you…

Saint Augustine said “The world is a book and those who do not travel only know one page of it” Having said this, all I can do is wish you a happy reading, but above all writing, of the fantastic book of life…. Have a good trip!!

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