The magical destinations for Christmas lovers!

The magical destinations for Christmas lovers!

The most dreamy days are approaching touching the childish feelings of every adult leading your thoughts back to the times when you ran with your parents to decorate the Christmas tree until one day you wake up impatient to find a red wrapper to tear until discover its contents.

But now you know that you are no longer a child (at least in terms of age) so you are looking for different ways to enjoy the festive days of December in order to break your daily routine and experience something different. A journey that will bring back all your childhood memories and will touch you in the moments of family holidays as well as in children’s programs you used to watch. Something that will remind you of images from the Polar Express and you will experience Santa Claus in reality.

You call this dream “The village of Santa Claus” and it is located in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, with millions of visitors every year who seek to experience the magic that this place has to offer.

As you step through the gate to heaven, elves will be waiting to welcome you and lead you straight to the red giant where you will be read wishes from children of every nationality. Later you will head to the Post Office where you can write a letter and send it to a friend with the real stamp of Santa Claus and surprise him. It doesn’t end here though, this particular destination has a lot of activities to offer you:

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Stay overnight at Glass Resort

The Glass Resort invites you to look forward to the end of your day where you will return to your glass room and enjoy the natural northern sky with chances to experience the enchanting Northern Lights. All apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows, a sauna and a private outdoor hot tub.

Experience the wonder of the Northern Lights

The magical destination for Christmas lovers!
Photo by: stone egil liland

The colorful Northern Lights appearing in the sky is one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature. The geographical position of the village of Agios Vasilis and the surrounding area makes it a suitable area to meet the Northern Lights. It is important to remember that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. That means there’s no guarantee you’ll see it, but the search will be exciting!

Walked the Arctic Circle

Santa’s village is known for the Arctic Circle walk where you get a certificate for the experience. The location is 8 km north of the city center where it is clearly marked.

Travel the forest path with Husky

Live the experience where you will be pulled by a Husky on a sled with a destination up to 30 km outside the city discovering the beauty of the forest covered by the beauty of snow. As for these companies, they guarantee that they operate with sustainable and ethical values ​​where one of their passions is the positive welfare of their animals.

Snowmobile ή Ice Karting

Get your adrenaline pumping as you race through the spectacular forests of Lapland and let the speed flow on a professional ice track. Ideal for either beginners or advanced drivers. An instructor will guide you on safe driving techniques and provide you with the necessary equipment to enjoy the exciting experience with family or friends to the fullest.

Discover the secrets of Reindeer breeding

The magical destination for Christmas lovers!
Photo by Anthony

Visit a local and authentic reindeer farm to learn all about the basics of reindeer husbandry. In the middle of the wilderness, near Olos and Pallas you will find reindeer pastures with hundreds of reindeer and their shepherds. There you will learn about the modern breeding and feeding of reindeer as well as about their annual cycle. You will have the opportunity to observe hundreds of reindeer in their natural environment with the perfect opportunity to take out your camera and capture beautiful moments.

Enjoy an incredible ice fishing experience in Rovaniemi

Explore the picturesque frozen lakes of Lapland with your family and friends and catch different types of fish such as trout, perch, and whitefish at the best fishing spots in the area. Discover the age-old secrets of ice fishing as you experience the traditional Finnish way of fishing on frozen lakes.

Live the snow sculpting experience

With this fun and exciting experience, you will have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and create your own snow masterpiece. Your guide will show you the process of using various tools to shape and carve your own unique piece of snow art. This experience is a great way to spend time in the great outdoors and appreciate the natural beauty of winter.

If you have traveled to Santa Claus Village, write me in the comments how your experience was, what you visited, the budget you needed and if your overall experience was a step towards your current dreams.

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