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In this Guide Safe Travel Namibiataken from our Traveling Informed section, we will give you all the information information you need to know to travel safe and prepared to Namibia from Italy. Wonderful country of Africa southwestern, famous for the Namib Desert and his fauna wild. From the capital Windhoek a Swakopmundon the coast, we can admire the legacies of his German colonial past. Furthermore, the Etosha National Park it is popular for safaris. So let’s go and discover together in our guide the best time for the visit, i documents necessary and the accessories useful to have in your suitcase, thus making the most of your trip to Namibia!

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Namibia Safe Travel Guide

When to go to Namibia

Before finding out the rules for Travel Safely in Namibia from Italyif you can go and documents necessary for your trip, to plan everything in the best way it is important to also understand the ideal period to visit the country. The climate of Namibia, in south-west Africa, is of type subtropical desert in the south and in the coastal area and arid to the north and center. There rain season it runs from November to March and the seasons here are reversed compared to ours, being in thesouthern hemisphere. For this reason, the coolest period is from May to August.

Although crossed by Tropic of Capricornalong the coast there is the cold Benguela current, creating a dry and cool temperature. The warmest period in the north is from September to March, while in Windhoek onplateau it is from November to January. In the south and center it runs from September to the beginning of May. The winters they are cold on the plateau at night, with possible frosts. The peak of the rainy season is from January to March, especially in the north-eastern area. So, the best time for a trip to Namibia, overall, it is in its winterfrom May to August, avoiding scorching temperatures.

So, let’s see together how and if you can go to Namibia and how to travel safely to this wonderful country from Italy.

Spitzkoppe mountain in Damaraland granite formations - travel safely namibia from italy - namibia travel safely - travel safely to namibia from italy - you can go to namibia
Formations at the foot of Spitzkoppe mountain, in Damaraland

Documents for Namibia

To all citizens coming from Italyor from the European Union, who want to travel to Namibia for Traveling Safely is required passport with residual validity of at least 6 months from the return date. For changes or further information, we recommend inquiring in advance at the Honorary Consulate in Milan. Also, for travel for turismo until ai 90 days of permanence no visa is required for Namibia.

Health and Vaccinations for Namibia

To Travel Safely Namibia from Italy to this country no vaccination is required for entry. We recommend taking out one insurance policy before departure which includes coverage of medical expenses. In case of previous pathologies we advise you to consult your doctor before departure and the vaccination against it is mandatory yellow fever if you come from countries where there is a risk of transmission.

Clothing and useful material for safe travels in Namibia

The choice of clothing to travel to Namibia you must meet practical criteria, comfort, responsiveness to the climate based on the season and the surrounding environment. Therefore, we recommend that you bring with you: canvas hat, scarf, cotton clothes and T-shirts, pullover, long cotton canvas trousers, jeans, swimsuit, pajamas, cotton underwear, thick cotton socks , trekking shoes or sneakers, k-way type windproof jacket.

Also not to forget:

  • backpack to use for excursions,
  • sunglasses,
  • insect repellent,
  • handkerchiefs and refreshing wipes,
  • eye drops,
  • pouch-type money bag and document holder,
  • folding umbrella.

Currency in Namibia

The official currency of Namibia is the Namibian dollar (THEY). Furthermore, it has the same value as the South African Rand, which is usually accepted as a trading currency. ATMs can be found in major cities, rare in villages and rural areas. We therefore recommend that you always have some with you cash for your expenses. The cards are accepted in Western hotels and restaurants, but not at petrol stations.


To travel safely in the country we would like to point out that Plugs and sockets are not the same present in Italy. We therefore recommend that you bring a universal adapter with you. The voltage of the current is a 220V/50Hz. The taken mainly they are of type D and M.

Jet lag

Namibia is +1 no ahead of Italy (GMT+2)


Area code for Italy: +0039 + telephone number.
Dialing code for Namibia: +264 + telephone number.

Where to Travel Safely in Namibia?

Generally it is possible to Travel Safely in Namibia in the whole country. The local populations are very helpful with tourists and you can wander around the area, as the crime rate in the country is not high. However, we invite travelers to pay attention to their personal belongings and not venture independently into rural areas.

The Christuskirche Lutheran church in Windhoek
The Christuskirche Lutheran church, in Windhoek

Where not to Travel Safely in Namibia?

Namibia is a generally safe country and there are no specific areas that require excessive attention, other than that of your personal belongings. In the city of Windhoek we recommend avoiding overnight stays in the western and southern districts. Finally, we always recommend following the safety instructions of the local authorities.

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