Trip to Central America in two weeks

Is traveling to Central America at low cost safe?

This is one of the first questions you ask yourself when you decide or simply think about organizing a trip to Central America.

The troubled, violent and civil war past makes it appear even today as extremely dangerous and in which, in addition to your wallet, you could lose your life.
If these are your fears, I am happy to say that you can calm down and start defining your travel itinerary as Central America is very different from the common imagination and that you can travel easily using public transport and crossing borders on foot. .
The same thing goes for solo travelers and women who want to have this solo travel experience. Women here will find a welcoming and helpful environment, so no problem even for solo travellers.

Obviously, this does not mean that there are no precautions and precautions to be taken.
The fact that there is no longer war does not mean that there are still poor countries where people make do as they can and thefts are unfortunately the order of the day but simply by traveling wisely and aware of where you are you can avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

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Traveling low cost and backpacking can be done and in 90% of cases there will be no problems of any kind if you follow these few simple tips:

  • Do not walk at night on the beach and in isolated places
  • In the evening, to return to the hostel, always take a taxi and do not walk in unlit streets or where there is no one
  • Never keep your original documents with you but only bring photocopies
  • Don’t keep credit or debit cards in your wallet but instead only keep the cash you think you need for the evening. For example, if you are in Nicaragua for one evening, €20 dollars is more than enough. If you have big plans $50 will really be more than you need
  • Don’t show off gold, rings, bracelets or expensive watches. Besides believing that you won’t have any need for them, I believe that they can be a sort of lure for street urchins
  • Don’t act like a tourist with expensive things on you and cameras calling attention to your neck all the time. Instead, make friends with the locals, they will know how to direct you
  • Don’t get drunk or go to parties alone, especially if you are women, only do it in a group and with people you trust
  • Don’t accept rides from strangers
  • There are no particular dangers for women traveling alone. You will receive some attention from the locals but the rule is always the same: pretend nothing happened and no one will bother you. Don’t show condescension and walk away, they’ll stop soon.

In general, if you follow these tips, nothing will happen and your trip will be pleasant and free from hitches and problems.

The last piece of advice I want to give concerns the eventuality in which you are robbed. In this case, don’t resist and give what you have (for this reason it’s always good to have little). In some countries life is worth very little and although we haven’t heard in a long time about people who have passed the worst it is always better to avoid being next.

Central America in general is a part of the Americas that I would recommend, partly for the ease of long-term travel, the long shape makes it ideal for bus travel, it is small so you can see a lot without traveling for 20 minutes. hours in line and it is beautiful, a mix of nature, culture, history and fascinating and unique traditions.

So don’t be dominated by fear but be controlled by maturity and the awareness that you are not at home and enjoy these countries that will make you take a leap into a world yet to be discovered.

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