Trip to Central America in two weeks

Trip to Central America in two weeks

Central America it’s actually small enough to get around on public transport and without having to fly from place to place. Despite this, in order to visit it in depth, the ideal would be to have at least 5 or 7 weeks available.

Not everyone can travel for months and generally holidays are reduced to two or three weeks in the summer so being able to travel to multiple countries becomes complicated and above all tiring

My advice in this case would be to choose one country and visit the main tourist centers at most move to another and travel with 2 at once.
Those who travel to Central America and have little time generally decide to travel only in Guatemala which in itself requires at least a month to be seen well, or combines The Savior with the Nicaragua or with the Honduras.

If you really want to travel as much as possible and are willing to get very tired then I hope this itinerary can help you.
A flight going to one airport and returning from another would help a lot in planning and movements.

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Costa Rica

Departure from Panama and return to Italy from Gatemala City

We start with two nights a Panama City the time it takes to see the Panama Canal and take a tour of Old Town (the old area of ​​the city).
From Panama City take a night bus to reach Bull’s mouths Caribbean coast, where you can spend 3 days.
The bus leaves Albrook station at 8pm and arrives at 5am in Almirante, from here take a water taxi ($3) to reach the islands.

Once you have spent 3 days in Bocas del Toro then head to Old Port of Talamanca (Costa Rica and very close to the border), a small town with strong Jamaican influence.
Puerto Viejo can be reached either with shuttles organized by the hostels in Bocas del Toro or by taking the water taxi to Almirante and from here take a local bus to the border, cross the border on foot and take another local bus to Puerto Viejo.
Spend a day here and go to the beach or go around the markets and do some shopping.
Puerto Viejo is also famous for its night parties, a good opportunity to have some fun in the company of other travellers.

The next morning you can take a direct bus to San Jose.
The first bus is at 7am and takes 5 hours. Arrive in San Jose at 12.00.
Spend an afternoon in the city. The next day you can take a trip to Braulio Carillo National Park and climb the volcano.

The next day take the bus to Granadaa delightful colonial town in Nicaragua in which to spend 2 days.
The bus this time is night and leaves San Jose at 3 in the morning and arrives in Granada at 11, cost $26.
Here you can wander the main streets, go to the market and take a tour de The Islets, many small islands in a lake that looks like a sea. Alternatively yes can do the canopy tour on the volcano.

After two days, waking up took a bus to TegucigalpaHonduras, about 8 hours of travel and from there head to Maya rovine in Copan (another 7 hours of travel due to the border with Guatemala).
Visit the ruins and you have your own transport I highly recommend a relaxing evening in the middle of the mountains in natural tarmal waters.
Swimming in the pools with warm water at different stages at night is an incredible and truly relaxing experience. A benefit for the mind and body.

From Copàn you take a direct shuttle to Antigua (7 hours) the most beautiful colonial city in Central America in which to spend 2 or 3 days.
You can also take day tours to the volcanoes or simply go around the city to do some shopping.
If you can, don’t miss a day Chichicastanango market, fantastic Mayan artisan products at decidedly low cost prices. For information on where to sleep in Antigua you can read a previous post.
Conclude the trip at Guatemala City from where you will fly to Italy.

We made it in 14 days but it was hard and we didn’t see everything that would be worth knowing. I therefore repeat that in my opinion it would be better to choose just one country and travel without stress having the possibility of staying longer in fascinating places.
Holidays must remain such and must not turn into Tours de force!Nicaragua

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