El Salvador

Trip to El Salvador – Travel tips and itineraries

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, it is a country that survived a civil war, it is real, sometimes raw and wild. Caffeine for the senses.

It might be hard to digest but for those traveling to El Salvador this country might seem like a sort of puzzle to solve and combine the pieces, it takes some time to understand it and see it for what it is: a small country with natural beauty immaculate and breathtaking all concentrated in just 21,040 square km.
The Slavador emerges from 10 years of civil war and numerous natural disasters which have undermined its stability several times and which have pushed around a third of the population to live in other countries where they now live and work.
Some Guacanos (as the Salvadorans call themselves) however have remained and do not want to leave their land because as one of them said “We have war. We continue to carry on. We have Hurricane Mitch. Hurricane Stan. Then we have even earthquakes but the Salvadorans continue to carry on.” A mantra that every traveler should make their own.

As regards the issue of danger, during the 2 weeks I spent in El Salvador I didn’t have any kind of problem. Of course, perhaps some things might make you think you are in a dangerous country (like the guards in the hotels armed to the teeth, many soldiers in the city and the streets) but apart from a perception of fact, I as well as the travelers I met have not had any kind of problem. On the contrary. My opinion is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Central America. It is not a country to be skipped a priori but it is a country that would be good to travel through and discover.

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What not to miss in El Salvador

Flower Route – The heart of the country famous for coffee. While locals consider this area ideal for relaxing on Sundays, travelers choose it for climbing mountains, horseback riding or mountain biking. You can get to Ruta de Flores by bus 249 which runs frequently and leaves from Sonsonate and Ahuachapàn.

El Tunco Beach – One of the best surf spots in El Salvador and all of Central America. A delightful, quiet surfer village with numerous hostels and accommodation options for all budgets. Hostel costs from $7 in dormitories and up. You can get them here surfing lessons which are the cheapest in all of Central America $15 for 2 hours of lessons with board included. Near Playa del Tunco you can also do great surfing El Sunzal Beach and El Zonte Beach.

Impossible National Park – Typical mountain with tropical forest with rivers and rich vegetation. Animals such as pumas and eagles are protected in the park. Climbing the mountains can be tiring but the view will make the effort worth it. Cost to enter the park is $6 with a guide who is free (a tip of even just $5 would be appreciated).

Joy – One of the most picturesque towns in El Salvador. Positioned at approximately 1593 meters above sea level, Alegrìa is becoming an important artistic and economic center in El Salvador. Numerous artists and new businesses are infusing energy and creative vitality into this little town. Alegrìa is also known as the capital of flowers.

The Palm – Colorful town at 1200 meters above sea level, famous for the murals on the walls of the houses. It feels like a huge living book for 7 year olds. The small streets are populated by houses with plum trees, mandarin trees, mint plants, and walls covered with boyish murals.
La Palma is located 84 km from the border with Honduras.

aerial view of trees near body of water

General information on El Salvador

Daily budget: $20 – $30
Hostel: $7 per dorm bed
spoken languagee: Spanish and Nahua
Currency: US Dollar
Jet lag: 6 hours less than Italy
Documents and visas to go to El Salvador: Passport with at least 6 months validity, no entry visa is required and you can stay for 90 days.

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