Maiz Islands in Nicaragua

Maiz Islands in Nicaragua

The Maiz Islands are a must for anyone traveling to Nicaragua. The Big and the Small IMaiz Islands are everything you can expect from the Caribbean sea: sun, blue and transparent water, coral reefs, splendid seabeds, white sand, palm trees and relaxation.

The Small Island of Maiz it is also known as a “paradise”, there are no cars or anything that might make you think of urban life. The ideal island for backpackers and independent travelers as well as being a safe island thanks to the presence of the police who constantly keeps everything under control.

The Small Island of Maiz It is the island between the two that I recommend, there are numerous cheap cabanas where it is easy to relax and have fun in the company of other travellers.
Breathe, relax and… it’s already been a week right?

Perhaps these islands continue to be paradises due to the difficulty in getting there as the main tourist centers of Nicaragua are on the opposite coast so there are mainly two options for getting to the islands: an internal flight or public transport by land which is decidedly cheaper but which take a very long time.

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Getting to the Maiz Islands by plane

3 or 4 flights depart daily from Managua to the Big Island of Maiz. The airline is Atlantic Airlines and the return flight costs $168. These flights typically stop in Bluefield from which the flight to the islands (in case you are already there) costs $60 one way. The flight lasts an hour.

Getting to the Maiz Islands by bus

Alternatively, if you have time and want to spend less you can take a bus from Managua (Mayoero bus station) to El Rama, from here take a launch to Bluefield. From Bluefield take a second spear to the Big Corn Island (cost around €6.35), departure at 6 in the morning, boat trip lasts about an hour, a little longer if the sea is rough, remember to take a pill against seasickness, prevention is better than cure.
The journey from Managua to the Big Island of Maiz takes approximately 6 hours.
From the Big Island of Maiz to the small one you take one Bank (€4, 30 minutes). These boats are coordinated with air arrivals.

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